Tips to properly equip your backyard pool

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There is actually nothing better than considering taking a refreshing and cold dip in a swimming pool on a sizzling summer season. But then, your swimming pool can be such a significant safety hazard for all those who use it including you. From reports, more than 200,000 people perish all year round with issues of drowning in pools. We also need our pool sites to be such amazing points where we can relax to pass the time with our families and friends. Equipping our pools in the right possible way is something we need to highly consider to avoid such problems and also turn the site appealing to the users.

Tips to properly equip your backyard pool

Herein are tips to equip your backyard pool.

Have best cleaning tools to maintain its cleanliness

Owning a swimming pool like one from Intex brand is an enjoyable thing to many as it offers a lot starting right from exercise, keeping you fresh during the summer holidays and many more. Ensuring your pool cleanliness should be your first thing to maximize your swimming enjoyment. Your backyard pool should not be the breeding site for mosquitos. So, employing the best vacuum for Intex pools can be the right thing you can consider to maintain the cleanliness of your pool.

Have a first aid kit and rescue equipment nearby

Pool owners should ensure they have right pool equipment like for instance the rescue tube, a life ring and a life hook that is usually used to pull up someone from water in case of any tragedy to safety. These rescue equipment need to be stored near the pool site in an accessible and clearly marked area. They also need to be regularly checked to ensure they remain in good condition to function properly when they are needed. A first aid kit is also important to have in hand at your pool site well stocked will all the necessary essentials.

Have an incredible design for your pool

In case you need to redesign your pool at some point, there is a need to come up with a landscape plan to serve as a guide to let the final thing come out appealing. Ensure that you properly equip your pool with proper accessories to make it have an appealing look. In case you find it hard to bring about a sketch of how it should look like, you need to consider hiring an expert to do you all that.

Add land and water features

Water and land elements can actually make your pool site such an interesting and appealing place for everyone. You can consider using some of the best land features like for instance terraces, terrains and also elevated grounds. The best water structures you should on the other hand add are like a fountain for your case.

Tips to properly equip your backyard pool - pool with slide

Install outdoor structures

Your backyard pool can attain an appealing look if you consider placing around some outdoor structures like fences, benches all through, statues, pergolas and also pathways. Ensure that you choose the best of best elements and strategically place them in areas they can stand out.

Select the right trees and shrubs

This is another design solution that can make your backyard pool have a fantastic look. You can plant beautiful plants all around your backyard pool. You can make your pool have such a special touch by choosing to add bushes, shrubs, flowers, vines, and other tree types. Ensure that you consider plants that go well with the theme of your landscape. These plants you consider also should be able to withstand the weather changes that are experienced in the area you live in.

Get a pool alarm

You should ask you maintenance experts to install great pool alarms in the market to alert you in case of anything. Pool alarms are an extra protection layer to keep intruders out of water when anyone is not around. They will alert you when the swimming gates are opened whenever you are. You should also consider purchasing underwater swimming pool systems that use motion sensors to make detection of any wave activity and alert you in case any individual fall or jumps into the pool.

Light up your backyard pool

There are times you will require to enjoy resting here with your loved ones during night times. For this, it’s good that you prepare your pool for night time use. To start with, you should consider lighting up your pool deck. With this, navigation to and from your backyard pool will be easy, and it will, in turn, make the pool area safer for the users. There are so many decorative and stylish lights you will find out there that are affordable and consumes power efficiently. Many pool equipment and supplies out there normally offer solar deck lights that help to brighten up the site without any electricity requirement. In case your pool site is fenced, considering pool lights designed to attach to pool fencing and deck posts is an option to consider. This way, the lighting design of your pool will entirely be integrated into all your pool setting.

Once your pool deck has been properly lit, considering the pool options itself is the next thing you should think of. There is a need to have direct illumination to make night hour swimming safer and more comfortable. This direct illumination can also help transform your backyard pool into an appealing site ever. There are many stylish lights in the market that can help you bring the pool life best during the night hours. You can also employ above the ground pool lights to provide users with mood lighting; this will come about especially if you consider bulbs that have different color lenses.

Ditch the diving board

The diving boards are huge culprits used for pool injuries. Experts warn swimmers that there are possibilities that a swimmer can easily slip off the diving board and maybe hit your head even if you are an expert swimmer. Pool experts also advice pool owners to remove these boards from their backyard pools. Other safety hazards to be considered taken down are the swimming pool slides.

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