Are you looking for different ways to upgrade your home? And, are you specifically planning to upgrade your backyard? There are numerous things you can do to make your backyard even more entertaining. You can do so by adding a pergola to your house. In addition to improving the aesthetics of your home, adding a pergola to your house can also increase the overall value of your home. It certainly helps that pergolas can be customized to any style and are not heavy on the wallet.

Pergola can increase home value

A pergola is basically an outdoor structure that boasts of columns and erected supports that can be used to provide a roofing grid. They are archways that can help provide cover to the deck, dining area, or patio. The roofing grid of a pergola can be either covered to provide shade from external elements or be left completely open. And, you can make pergolas from natural woods like redwood, cedar, and teak. Here are the ways that adding great pergolas that you can customize for your home that increase your home value!

Helps increase living space

A pergola basically serves as an outdoor living space, room that can be used for various entertainment purposes. Not only does it help create a wonderful, inviting atmosphere, it also serves as the perfect place to relax and enjoy quiet conversations. And, the last time we checked—the more the living space and room in a property, the higher is its value. And, according to reliable surveys conducted by the landscape architecture industry, over 83 percent of buyers are into pergolas.

Outdoor privacy and protection

If you don’t have a fence that gives you protection from the neighbors, you should consider installing a pergola in your backyard. You can use the structure to obstruct views and provide privacy. For increased privacy, you can even consider adding outdoor draperies, screens, or latticework. As we stated earlier, a pergola can be covered to provide shade from external elements like sunlight, wind and rain etc. Therefore, it provides increased outdoor protection, allowing you to use it throughout the year, during various different seasons. If you want access to sunlight during the day and want shade at night, you can consider using a canvas canopy to cover the roofing grid.

You can use pergola to train plants and vines providing a sheltered and shady retreat. The beauty is they shed their leaves in winter when you want the sun to shine through. You can even plant grape vines because they provide delicious fruit in season too. You can plant a number of other fruit yielding vines that can be trained up the posts. Other alternatives are passionfruit and kiwi fruit are other alternatives and they look great also.

Makes your backyard more aesthetically appealing

Not only is a pergola extremely functional and practical, it is also pleasing to the eyes. Adding a pergola to your backyard makes your home more aesthetically appealing. And, what looks beautiful to the eyes is heavy on the wallet, isn’t it? Instead of covering the roofing grid of the pergola with a canvas canopy, you can consider adding string outdoor lights or lanterns; these accessories will undoubtedly help create a romantic ambience. Pergolas, which are usually tall architectures, also help provide definition and height to your backyard. They can also be expertly used to create a garden space. If you want to find out more ways to increase the value of your property you can check out our guide on How to improve your home value.