5 Signs You Need Professional Help with Your Driveway

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There are many advantages of having a driveway made of concrete. The material is strong, durable, sustainable, and cost-effective to use in the long run. But like any substance, concrete has a lifespan. Eventually, your concrete driveway will either need to be repaired or removed.

5 Signs You Need Professional Help with Your Driveway

It’s best to hire a company like CanWest Concrete Cutting & Coring for your driveway repair or removal. Started in 1982, this family-owned and operated company is the biggest in Western Canada, with an expertise in concrete work, including driveways. These professionals are skilled and work with state-of-the-art concrete cutting equipment. What’s more, they offer excellent customer service and affordable rates. While it’s important to know what contractor to call, it’s equally important to know when to call. Here are some signs that you may need professional help with your driveway:

#1 The Driveway Is Aging

Depending on the conditions, a concrete driveway can last anywhere from thirty-five to fifty years with proper care. However, most driveways need to be replaced every twenty to thirty years. Even without any visible signs of breakage, your old driveway may need to be removed or renovated due to a worn foundation.

#2 There Are Multiple Cracks

It’s common for cracks to develop on your concrete driveway. Small ones can occur due to the expansion and contraction of concrete in extreme weather. These can be sealed or filled with a concrete sealer for driveway. It’s important to do so quickly before they widen to an irreparable stage. If the cracks are too wide or too deep for repair, then your driveway may need to be removed. Here, an experienced professional can advise you on how to proceed.

#3 There Are Holes

Reach out to a professional if there are holes in your concrete driveway. These can be caused by hailstorms, extremely heavy vehicles, de-icing salt, or aging. Repair them quickly before water or snow fills these potholes and causes further damage. Such holes can not only damage your vehicles but can also result in injury to you. Depending on the extent of the damage, a professional can repair these issues. However, it’s usually best to resurface a driveway with deep holes.

5 signs you need professional help with your driveway - patching a hole

#4 Parts of the Driveway Are Sinking

If parts of your driveway are sinking under your feet, then there may be drainage issues. A professional can try to repair this by injecting products under the driveway, however, this solution isn’t guaranteed to work in the long term. Usually, the best option is to have a professional replace your driveway.

#5 Tree Roots Are Buckling Your Driveway

While a tree can look picturesque next to a driveway, it can also cause damage. Tree roots can grow far and wide in search of a water source. Depending on the situation they can also grow close to the surface. Shallow roots under your driveway may not initially cause visible damage. However, with age they’ll naturally thicken, causing your parts of your driveway to shatter into many fragments.

Repairing a buckling driveway can be a long and expensive process. Your first step will be to have the tree and its roots removed, before having a professional concrete cutting contractor come and remove the driveway. Give a concrete contractor a call if you notice any of the warning signs in your concrete driveway mentioned above. An experienced contractor will help you find the right solution to your problem.

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