How to preserve the pool cover

The accumulation of water on the cloth cover or its correct fixing to the perimeter of the pool are some of the problems we face. Despite its more than questionable aesthetics, winter covers for swimming pools are the only convincing solution to isolate them from the sun’s rays, the rainwater and the dirt that accumulates. The accumulation of water on the fabric cover or its correct fixing to the perimeter of the pool are some of the problems we face, problems that are solved with simple solutions.
How to preserve the pool cover

Electric pump

The electric pump is a fully automatic submersible device, indispensable for the drainage of the cover, thus avoiding the breakage of the cover itself due to the excessive weight of the accumulated water. It is made of resistant thermoplastic material, with an integrated float for automatic operation and a support base to increase stability when it is not perpendicular to the ground.

Tubes to absorb water

These tubes to absorb water are an alternative to the electric pump, since they completely eliminate the problem of puddles of rainwater that form on the surface of the roof, allowing this water to flow to the sides of the pool.

The tube is made of closed PVC with a valve sealed with a screw. The diameter is 1 m, reducing to 80 cm once it is inserted between the canvas and the water. This solution is recommended for swimming pools not exceeding 6 meters in width.

Inflatable cover

The new inflatable cover for the winter Walu Sand Air is the new answer to the problems of the traditional cover. Its structure is composed of 2 layers of PVC, sealed around the perimeter forming an air pocket, preventing rain, snow, and debris of all kinds from being deposited in the center of the roof.

The lower part is built on the basis of the internal dimensions of the pool so that a waterproof joint is created along the entire perimeter once inflated. The cover can be inflated with a pump and easily installed in a few minutes.

Reinforcement tubes

If it is not fastened tightly and is completely anchored, the water cover of the winter cover becomes an easy point where dirt enters the interior of the pool. You should take care of it while building pool and consult any agency which assist house honors with building pools and royal decks.

A correct clamping with these tubes would be enough to guarantee a perfect waterproofing. They are available in the market in different sizes (1,5, 2, 2,5, 3 and 4 m), so it is possible to compose the contour of the pool to the taste without leaving space between a tubular canvas and the other, or that the length of the sides of the pool is unnecessarily exceeded.

The tube should not be completely filled since the support part is reduced. There are tubes with plugs to avoid pressure, although care must be taken that there are no accidental openings (animals, excess pressure, thermal expansion.

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