How to prepare your home for the cold weather

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Before winter comes, you should start preparing your house for the cold season. You might have a lot more things to get done than you would think, so it is never too early to start. Winter can have really low temperatures, but also heavier snowing. This might be a good reason for you to ensure that your home is ready for winter. Make a list with a few steps that will help you to prepare your home for winter.

How to prepare your home for the cold weather

You will save time, money, and you will no longer be worried about it.

Check your home’s heating system

Whether you want to check your boiler, fireplace, or floor heating system, you must also ask a specialist for their advice. For example, a floor heating system may function as a unique heating system or as an additional one. Fireplaces are a part of a room’s décor but not a great source of heating. Most of the warm air that is drawn through the unit is replaced by cold outside air.

Of course, there are a lot more heating systems available that you can choose from (active solar heating, electric resistance heating, furnaces and boilers, wood and pellet heating, heat distribution systems, radiant heating, portable heaters). Apart from that, after you make your choice, it is also recommended to get your heating system covered option in case anything goes wrong. Climate is another factor that might require a proper heating system. A larger system is highly efficient and can reduce your heating costs.

Inspect the fireplace, chimney, and flue

The heat that comes from the fireplace can heat many spaces in the house, but it cannot be a general heating system for the entire house. However, if you have a fireplace at home, you might consider checking the flue and the chimney before you light up the fire. When you start using your heating system, don’t forget to lock the rooms that you are not going to use during wintertime. This way, your house will be warmer. Inspecting the fireplace is not a difficult job, but you might get a bit dirty. Put on a mask and start cleaning it. If the fireplace it’s broken, try and make some repairs using cement. Make sure there are no severe cracks because it might not be a simple job to do. Hire a professional to do it.

Chimneys are also a favorite place for birds. They like to build their little homes inside, especially if the fireplace was not used in a long time. So, you should check your chimney for this too. Another aspect about inspecting the fireplace is to check if you can see the flue from distance. In case you can’t see it, you will have to check it from the roof. If it is uncomfortable for you to do it by yourself, a professional will know how to do the inspection and clean the chimney.

Insulate supply pipes

During wintertime, the water supply pipes that are exposed to exterior walls may freeze and burst anytime. Insulating supply pipes can save you money on energy costs. It also prevents losing the heat from the pipes or sweating due to moisture condensation. There are many reasons why you should insulate supply pipes. If you want to eliminate humidity, it is the cold pipes that need insulation. If you want to prevent frozen pipes, locate the ones that run through unheated spaces. Actually, if you want to prevent hot and cold water pipes from freezing, you should consider insulating both.

How to prepare your home for the cold weather - fireplace

Seal doors and windows

No matter if your house is old or new, there might be gaps in the windows, doors, pipes leading outside, etc. Through these uninsulated spaces, cold air can enter and raise your heating bill. Not only that it allows cold air in, but moisture too. For windows, inspect the tracks and clean them of any dirt that might be interfering with seals. Also, the locking mechanism might be damaged. You will want all your windows to lock properly once the winter sets in. Windows might be an issue causing heat loss but not necessarily. Many people want to replace the windows with double glazed to keep the home warmer. Double glazing is very expensive so an alternative is to isolate the walls first. Also, leaving windows open is one of the major sources of heat loss. Pay attention and don’t allow your heat and money to escape through windows!

Install a programmable thermostat

A programmable thermostat helps you control the heating of your home, according to your needs. The good thing is that you can control it from your smartphone while you are away. The Installation process of a thermostat might be different so, make sure it is compatible with your heating and cooling system. If you already have a thermostat installed in your house, it is not a bad idea to replace it if it is broken. Also, it is important for you to know that every time you replace your air conditioner or heater, consider replacing your thermostat as well.

Check your home’s insulation- heat loss through roof, floor, walls

Unfortunately, many people have no idea where heat loss occurs. The most common places are walls, basement, floors, windows, doors, etc. The main benefit of insulating your home is the fact that you prevent heat loss. Heating may also be leaving through the floor. The feeling of a cold floor is not very pleasant and you can do something about it by installing underfloor heating. This will allow you to forget about radiators. Insulating the floor and walls of your home is a simple process and an efficient energy saver in your home. Once you determined the areas that are causing heat loss, the best way to prevent it is by properly insulating your house. Depending on your needs, you can choose from various heating systems and make your home warm and ready for wintertime!

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