Do I Need Planning Permission For An Extension?

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The simple answer is no. You do not need any planning permission for minor extensions. Depending upon the size, you can freely build up to six to eight meters if you’re the owner of a detached house. However, there are certain rules and regulations regarding the extension which have to comply with.

Do I Need Planning Permission For An Extension

Below are the common extension rules, you have to consider while planning an extension :

  • You can’t build an extension higher than the highest part of your house.
  • No more than half of the area around your house can be covered by other houses or buildings.
  • If you live in front of the highway, you can’t extend forward or sideways.
  • Single storey extensions are only restricted to the rear walls of the building within 8 meters.
  • The maximum height for a single storey house extension is 4 meters.
  • Double-storey extensions can not go beyond 7 meters.
  • You can not extend verandas, balconies and can’t build a raised platform.
  • You can not include a TV or a satellite dish.
  • You’re not planning to create room past your original rear boundary.

How Much Can I Extend My House Without Planning?

To know how much you can extend your house without a permission plan, ask yourself these five question :

  • Are you planning to extend less than half of the land around your original house?
  • Is the height of your planned extension less than three meters?
  • Is your planned extension restricted to 2 meters within the boundary of your house?
  • Are you going to use the same materials used in your original house?
  • You’re not going to include any balcony, verandah, raised platform or satellite dish in your extensions.

If your answer is Yes to most of the questions, here is the good news for you! You can plan for minor extensions without needing any permission at all. Just make sure you comply with all the above-mentioned points.

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However, if your answer is No to the above questions, below are the extension rules that should be followed :

  1. For Rear Extensions – Single Storey Building

Single storey rear extensions tend are not subjected for too many permissions. In most cases, you will be able to extend up to 4 meters in case of a detached house and up to 3 meters for other types of house, probably without any permission plan. Also, if you don’t happen to live in a conservation area, this extension limit can be increased to eight meters for detached houses and six meters for other types of properties.

  1. For Side Extensions – Single Storey Building

The side extensions for a single storey house should not exceed 50% of the total width and 4 meters in height of a building. If your extension plans are less than these parameters then, you’re good to go. You can extend without any approval.

  1. For Multi-Storey Extensions

You can build a multi-storey extension with permission or using the permitted right/development rights, it is a bit difficult to do so without permissions. The extension rules for multi-storey building are mostly associated with red tapes, some of these include :

  • Your extension can not go beyond 3 meters rear of your original house.
  • The extension can not take place within 7 meters of the boundary opposite to your rear wall.
  • Roof extensions should not be higher than the original height of your house.

Note that, in most cases, you will require approval or permission for a multi-storey extension. Although planning permissions are crucial if you’re extending your house by doing some major changes, you can go on to plan minor extensions like increasing doors, covering the structure, adding Windows etc without any permission.

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