Energy Efficient Doors

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The quality of a home’s front entry way is just as important as the system that heats and cools it, as without a properly fitting and functional door, leakage of energy will occur, and this means the wasting of money. Newer models are better designed for keeping regulated air within the home, as they fit within the entrance more precisely and the technology and insulation that they consist of is more advance and optimal for saving energy.

Energy Efficient Doors

Different areas are prone to different climates and weather patterns, so taking into consideration these factors is necessary when choosing the correct door for a home, as a door suited for cooler climates will work poorly in an environment that barely dips below freezing most months.

The Importance of Having an Energy Efficient Door

A glass door alone is not optimal for properly blocking leakage, as glass is not a good insulator. If having a glass door is something that a homeowner would like to include in their design, investing in a multi-layer glass door will better perform when it comes to providing protection against lost heat and energy, as the layers have low-emissivity coatings that aid in the transfer of temperature through the glass.

Weatherstripping is a vital inclusion if a homeowner would like to ensure proper function of an energy efficient Nova door, or simply to boost the overall performance of the door. It seals areas that have leakage of air, which occurs commonly in sliding glass doors, and is necessary in order to create an energy saving entry way.

Choosing the Correct Door

It is the one of the first things people see upon approaching a home, if not the only thing, and it is also what protects a home from the elements. Installing a door that is not fit for a specific climate will result in not only a loss of money through energy and air leakage but will require future repairs for cracking and other damages caused by weather related events. A door that will provide personal security is also an essential attribute to a homeowner’s entryway, thus considering both the design and overall protection is the first step in picking the correct door.

Energy Efficient Doors - energy efficiency

Wooden doors are suitable for areas that are temperate but are not recommended for areas with a high amount of moisture, as this will cause unwanted expansion and cracking and a need for constant repairs. In any circumstance, wooden doors need more attention than other designs such as refinishing and painting, but modern construction includes insulation that is effective at retaining energy within the confined space. If you want to try out one of the most efficient type of door then you should check out single iron entry doors.

Areas that are prone to intense weather change and events require steel doors, as the outside is not only includes a magnetic, vinyl strip that protects against the natural elements, but comes with a foam insulated core that is of a high density. This ensures that the energy lost is kept at a minimum, and most steel doors, if installed correctly, will have no need for any future weatherstripping. Steel entrances should not be installed in climates that are high in heat and direct sunlight, as the door is a conductor of the heat it receives and will become overly hot and transmit unwanted temperatures into the home.

Fiberglass doors combine both the characteristics of being strong and secure, as a steel door can be described as, and having a natural wood appearance that is a pleasant sight for the eyes, as you would get from a wooden doorway. They are perfect for climates that are muggy in nature and require very minimal maintenance following initial installation.

As Northern Virginia is considered an arid climate, any of these doors will do in terms of proper performance. Top home improvement companies are equipped to install the door that best suits a home’s personal design, whether it be the subtle yet wildly apparent elegance of a natural wooden, the sleek and sturdy build of a steel door, or a combination of the two with a fiber glass door. All are similar and different in their own light, but the modern insulation technology that comes with each will provide you with everything you need in order to save time and money on repairs, maintenance and energy and air leakage.

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