How to Choose a Perfect Sofa Slipcover

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Is there anything better than spending a cozy evening on a couch? Whether alone or with a company of family and friends, you probably love relaxing with a glass of wine, watching your favorite TV show, or listening to smooth music while comfortably lying down on your comfortable sofa. Generally, a couch is this part of the furniture, which is extremely versatile, and will be amazing whatever you decide to use it for. You might use it for a special me-time. Your children will probably hide there or use it as a fort while watching cartoons. When your friends come over, it will be in the center of attention, whether you watch a game, a movie, or simply sit around to talk and snack.

How to Choose a Perfect Sofa Slipcover

Because of so many functions it provides, the couch can also quickly get dirty and damaged. Although, indeed, that proves the sofa accompanied your family members in many beautiful moments, changing furniture every few years might be gruesome and expensive. To save some money and annoyance, you should buy yourself the right sofa slipcover, which will protect your couch from any external factors which might diminish its longevity. To learn how to choose a perfect sofa slipcover for your living room, follow our short guide.

How to choose the right shape, fit, and size of a slipcover?

While choosing the best fit, you have to decide if you want to have a relaxed or a stretch fit slipcover. If you don’t mind straightening and smoothing, you might go for a relaxed coverage, in which case a perfect size will not be crucial – to get a laid-back feel to your living room, you can simply measure approximately or look for a loose-fit cover. However, if you would like your slipcover to fit your couch like a glove, you should buy an elastic stretch fit cover, preferably with a wrinkle-free fit. In this case, to choose the right shape, fit, and size, you will have to do some measurements. To assess the perfect size, measure the sofa’s length from one outer arm to the other and its depth from the couch’s front to its back. In the end, measure its height from the floor to the top of your cushion. If you get the size right, you will have a perfect stretch fit slipcover.

The choice of a slipcover might be especially problematic when it comes to S or U-shaped sofas.To avoid that, we recommend ordering the slipcover along with the purchase, as companies often offer the covers that would go perfectly with a certain model. For example, once you find perfect U-shaped sofas at, make sure to order equally perfect U-shaped slipcovers right away, preferably from one of the partnering brands. To get the best slipcover for your coach, you can also consider buying custom made slipcovers. Those are designed to fit your type of sofa perfectly in fabric, style, and color. Although they require more care than typical shop slipcovers, they are bound to be of higher quality and, additionally, fit your sofa like a dream no matter its size and shape.

What features does a slipcover need to have?

Whether custom-made or mass-produced, the right slipcover needs to fit your lifestyle and needs. Before you make a purchase, assess what features you consider vital for it to have. For instance, if you often drink and eat on your couch, you might consider getting waterproof and stain-resistant slipcovers. If you most care about the longevity of the color, look into colorfast slipcover options. Or maybe you’re looking for antimicrobial slipcovers, guaranteeing cleanliness and healthy living?

How to Choose a Perfect Sofa Slipcover - slipcover

What fabric is the best for a slipcover?

When it comes to choosing the right fabric, you have to consider its outlook and functionality. Regarding the outlook, make sure the pattern and color will fit your living room’s general design. When it comes to features, you should look into each fabrics’ durability, weight, texture, etc. If you’re looking for a durable, washable piece, think medium weight fabrics, like canvas, denim, or cotton. Consider polyester and microfiber fabrics if you need a more lightweight feel and a nicely fitted slipcover. For a more sophisticated feel to your couch, choose light, delicate fabrics, such as silk. Please note that those wear out quickly, need more care, and generate higher costs. Although typically you might find the fabrics online, it’s always the best to see and touch them live to make sure the one you decide to buy has a suitable design.


Choosing the right slipcover for your sofa might be a whole journey if you’re not prepared for the range of different choices awaiting you in the store. To make sure you don’t get overwhelmed while facing thousands of possible fabrics, ensure you know your needs and expectations, as well as the exact measure of your sofa beforehand. You can search the web for some more inspirations: find out what materials do you like, what style is that you’re looking for, and what great solutions other people are using to cover their sofas. With a bit of research, you will easily find your perfect piece in no time, even without the assistance of an interior designer or very advanced knowledge.

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