Want to Make Your Home Look More Luxurious? Here’s How

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Transforming your house into a luxury home doesn’t need to cost you a lifetime of savings. In fact, if you follow some simple tips and tricks, you can give your home a complete makeover with little to no cost. You’ll want to enhance your house’s best features while making sure to conceal any flaws.

Want to Make Your Home Look More Luxurious

Other than a fresh coat of paint and keeping your home organized and clutter-free, these are some simple hassle-free tips that will transform your living space into the luxury home of your dreams. Read on to learn more.

Replace Photos with Portraits

If you have your family photos scattered around the living room and bedrooms, you might want to swap them up with paintings. You can either have a professional paint your family members individually, or you can simply use conversion software and online websites to convert your photos into paintings, print them, and hang them in gold frames. Art pieces in general will give your house a sumptuous touch as well as a sleeker appearance to your home.

Dim the Lighting

Bright lights can be convenient when you’re working on a project or reading, but they also bring out flaws. If there’s anything even slightly unsightly in your home, bright incandescent light can make it the focal point. Always incorporate floor and table lamps into your house décor to give it a relaxing and peaceful aura.

Stay Away from Bright Colors

If your walls are too bright, like a neon yellow or orange, you’ll want to opt for cooler or darker shades. Colors like baby blue and forest green are easier on the eyes and make rooms feel more calming. If you add a layer of fresh paint to your walls, you’ll also want to complement it with new door handles; black door handles can be a complete game-changer in terms of making your home look more sumptuous. Further, it’s advised to opt for neutral shades when you’re picking any new furniture; for instance, gray, white, and black furniture is ideal because it makes it easier to redecorate rooms in the future if you ever feel the need to do so.

Add House Trees

While you may already have your set of cacti pots in the kitchen, you’d be surprised how you can never really add too many plants in your home. Luxurious homes can feel a bit cold if you have lots of neutral shades; this is where house trees come in handy. They add color to your space and go with just about any theme. If you prefer rustic and luxurious to modern and sumptuous, add at least a couple of big house plants per room.

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Decorate the Hallway

If you have a wide hallway, add hallway tables, vases with flowers, and a mirror. You could also use hanging planters and a rug to alter the shape and overall feel of the space. If your hallway lights are too bright, make sure to change your scones or add a couple of table lamps. For a more modern appearance, paint the hallway walls in a dark matt shade like dark blue and keep the door frames white. The contrasting shades will add a luxurious touch and will give you a wider canvas to place your decorations and have them stand out better.

Add Cushions

You can add extra pillows and cushions to both sofas and beds if you want to give your rooms a quick makeover. If you like to freshen up your home every so often and change up the décor, pillows and cushions will be your best friend because they’re incredibly versatile. Aside from coming in different shapes and sizes, you can stock up on pillowcases with different patterns and designs that match the bedding or sofa covers. If you have neutral-colored furniture, adding bright faux fur cushions can effortlessly add a touch of luxury to the room.

Create the Illusion of High Ceilings

While you can’t really change the dimensions of your home, you can certainly alter your perception of them. Most luxury homes come with very high ceilings, which of course make rooms feel more commodious. To create a similar effect, place your window treatments as close to the ceiling as possible. Similarly, you should never hang curtains directly above the window, as this gives the room the illusion of having low ceilings. You don’t have to put a dent in your wallet for a house makeover. In fact, you can make the luxury home of your dreams come true with these few simple tips and tricks. With just a few portraits, potted plants, fresh curtains, and the right lighting, your living space can feel drastically different and much more luxurious.

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