Top 7 Ways to Paint Like a Pro

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Do you feel frustrated at the end of your drawing project because it does not look as good as your neighbor’s house, then you discover that your neighbors painted your house at the hands of a professional?

Top 7 Ways to Paint Like a Pro

Here are some simple tips by Newline Painting to help you get the results you are looking for in the next painting job.

Wear dropped clothing and tape

Unless you are very careful, it is better to buy clothes and tapes, so you do not spray paint everywhere. You can notice that when you become a professional painter, the area around the newly painted walls looks clean and tidy. The use of folding clothes and the ribbon gives you the shape you want.

Remove exit covers

Walk and remove all exit covers and light switch covers. It will allow you to completely remove the paint around the light switch and the power outlet. Sometimes, the covers can turn slightly and, if you do not remove them, you will see the old color shine — also, some small tips when you return them.

The professionals are very demanding to have all the heads of the screws aligned in the same way. You can choose whether you want the headings to be aligned vertically or horizontally. It depends on you, but if you make sure everyone is standardized, it will look more professional.

Wood painting

If you are painting wood, especially wood that has gloss or shine, you must first remove the shine. You can do this by buying a cluster removal tool in the local paint shop once you finish, paint the paint and basic paint. If it does not remove the shine, the primer will not stick to the wood and will end up doing it again.

Roof painting

It’s time to cover the first layer on the roof. Use an appropriate ladder or ladder up to 6 feet tall to get the most accurate items. You can always wrap large pieces with extensible arm and good roll.

Top 7 Ways to Paint Like a Pro - roof painting

Wall painting

Before painting walls that want to fill POPs, nails and other stains and spots on dry walls. Fill with sand until it is flat and pleasant. Turn your hand and make sure you do not feel the area that has been fixed.


Experts believe that it is better to paint using rollers with blows. This process reduces the drops to give a smoother finish. Always wash the pulleys before using them to reduce lint. This adds a finer texture to your walls. Avoid buying low-quality brushes, as they can destroy the edges or some complex design patterns.

Types of paintings

Oil paint, which is more viscous and brighter, is ideal for spaces with more traffic or exposure to smoke, such as a kitchen. The oil paint has a strong smell, and it takes about a day to dry. On the other hand, latex paint is water-based and needs approximately six hours to dry. However, latex coating often needs two to three layers to get the best results.

With the adjustment, you can paint your house and look professional. This is an important step that you do not want to miss. For more tips on home painting, look online, or ask local painting professionals.

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