Modern makeover of a vintage home

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Whether you are completely renovating your home or just want to breath new life into it, giving your house a modern makeover can make any old room look brand new and modern. Old vintage homes are ideal for modern makeovers because you can combine vintage elements with modern furniture which is very popular today.
Modern makeover of a vintage home

In this article we will suggest a few approaches for modern makeover of a vintage home.

Color palette

The first thing to do is find a color palette. Most modern looks are based around very neutral tones with only one big pop of color. Try using color blocking; it’s a cheap and easy way to add a modern touch to any space. Paint walls or a canvas in bold colors for a statement look, or start out small by using a throw or pillows that clash with your bedding. If you use a canvas make sure it is big and the walls are a neutral color.


Rustic old accessories can still find a place in your new modern look, if you modernize them a little. Normally with new paint jobs old objects will look brand new. If you are willing to take it that one step further, getting new upholstery fabric for your furniture can breathe new life into old furniture and is a lot cheaper than buying a new couch.

Get with the tech

Ditch the old and say hello to the new. Stick with futuristic buys that tie in with the room’s overall contemporary aesthetic. With new tech, comes better and more efficient bonuses, such as new air-conditioners which are more environmentally-friendly and less power hungry. Updating tech can be  a little pricey, however, not only will it change the dynamic of your rooms, it lasts longer.

Scandi-style interiors

Form and function are the key pillars of Scandinavian design – and modern decor in general. Creating a modern vibe with minimalist white, grey and wooden finishes will give your home a modern but practical vibe. They are also versatile and can accentuate a room without being overbearing towards the overall look.

Modern makeover of a vintage home - Scandinavian home design

Hide the wires

Opt for built-in electrical installations and furnishings to create a contemporary, seamless room. Wall-mounted lights – without loose cables everywhere – and block-shelving, which can double as a bedside table, are two easy ways you master the modern makeover. You can also look at floating shelves, wall mounted TV or even dedicated spots for cords so they are hidden.

Bring the outside in

Bringing the outside in can give either a natural or urban feel. For an urban vibe an exposed brick wall can instantly give any room a cool, contemporary, NYC loft feel. If your home has a brick foundation, you can strip back plaster fairly easily. Or buy into the trend with high-end brick-style wallpaper for less effort. For more a natural vibe, adding small plants in neutral toned pots can create a flowy, organic yet contemporary feel. Also, you must create the feeling from the start and choose a vintage front door design.

Clear away clutter

We tend to hold onto things for too long. Decluttering your house will relieve stress and breath a new light into your home. Get rid of old magazines, broken trinkets, things you haven’t used in a year. This will give your room a new refreshed, streamlined look and lets you realize what means the most to you.

Bring in light

With some modern looks being very heavy in dark colors, bring light into your home to accentuate the darkness without drowning out any other features in your home. Placing large mirrors in areas such as the living room will help to brighten this area and create a welcoming vibe whilst still keeping the sophisticated contemporary look. Doing a modern makeover to your home can breath new life into your home and create a relaxing oasis for you to come home to, whilst also being perfectly chic when entertaining guests.

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