Why Metal Roofing is the Preferred Choice for Many Homeowners

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When you’re replacing your roof, you’ll probably first consider tiles as your material of choice. They’re classic, attractive and well priced.

Why Metal Roofing is the Preferred Choice for Many Homeowners

However, metal roofing systems are a brilliant alternative that you should explore before you make your final decision. Here’s everything you need to know about metal roofing if you’re struggling to make a move.

It’s energy efficient and durable

A metal roof could last between 30 and 50 years longer than other roofing materials. It’s this longevity that makes it a great way to save money in the long term. The technology used in metal roofing such as solar coating also reduces the buildup of heat so you’ll cut your costs associated with cooling your house too. There’s also the environmental impact of roofing to consider. When old tiles are removed from roofing they end up in a landfill while metal roofing is recyclable. Some are even manufactured using certain recycled materials. All homeowners should be thinking of more sustainable choices as options when building or repairing their homes.

It comes in many styles and materials

There’s a vast choice available to homeowners and metals that are often used for roofing are steel, aluminum, copper, and zinc. Steel is the most commonly used for roofing because it is strong, light, and durable and comes in a range of color options. This allows for a variety of looks to choose from to suit your home. However, it’s not a great choice if you live along the coast because of the risk of corrosion. Aluminum is not as cost-effective as steel, but the sheeting is very light and therefore, easy to install. It may be light and thin compared to other metal roofing materials, but it’s equally as strong and durable. It won’t corrode or rust, but it can dent.

Why metal roofing is the preferred choice for many homeowners - beautiful metal roof

Copper roofing is known for its longevity. It could last for up to a century. Because the material is soft, it is quiet in heavy rain downpours. It is a more costly option and turns green over time, which some homeowners don’t like.  Zinc is an excellent option for roofing because it has an outer protective layer. This means it won’t corrode, scratch, or mark. Zinc roofs could also last up to 100 years.

The downside of metal roofing it’s more expensive to install compared to other roofing systems because it requires specialized training and equipment. The design of your roof will affect the overall cost, as more complex rooflines need more specialized work. The choice of metal will also impact the cost. The upside is that when metal roofing is installed, it usually comes with a more extended warranty. It may even be as high as 50 years.

Another bonus is that metal is one of the most energy efficient roofing materials. Did you know you could also install a metal roof over an old roof? This means if you need a new roof, you can avoid a tear-off of the old one, which will help your budget. Unlike many other roofing materials, a metal roof can also be installed during winter. They are also resistant to things that can affect the health of your family and the value of your house, such as mildew and insect infestations.

There are some further factors you need to discuss with your roofing contractor if you’re considering installing a metal roof. If trees surround your house their limbs could rub against the metal and affect its finish. Aluminum and copper, in particular, are at risk of denting. Another thing to think about is the existing metal material you have on your roof. You may have metal materials that exist on gutters, fasteners, trim, and chimneys. Some metals react when they come into contact with other metals, so be sure to ask your contractor about the potential risks to your roof.

Metal roofing is becoming an increasingly popular choice for contemporary roofing. Look into the benefits it can offer your home and you may be surprised that it’s the right option for your home. For more information regarding roof cleaning, painting and restorations visit https://www.rooflines.com.au Rooflines provide professional roofing services throughout Sydney.

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