How to Pick the Best Window Treatments for Your Home

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Are you looking to get more window treatments for your home? If so, check out this guide to learn how to pick the best window treatments. From miniblinds to room-darkening curtains, your window coverings add style and functionality to your home. If you’re thinking about doing a window covering makeover, there are plenty of new designs and materials to choose from.

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Before you head out to purchase something new, check out this handy guide that will help you pick the best window treatments for your space.


If cost is a concern, you can’t go wrong with blinds. These highly affordable window treatments come in a range of colors and sizes to fit your windows. Most blinds are made of metal or wood and are arranged in slats that can vary by height. You can often find blinds made of vinyl or aluminum for an extremely low price point.

The purpose of blinds is mostly utilitarian, as they don’t tend to add a lot of decorative value. But if you’re in a pinch and need some privacy, blinds will get the job done. If you want something that looks a little more high-end, try a set of blinds made of faux wood or woven material. Keep them clean regularly with dusting and they’ll last a long time.

Try Shades for the Best Window Treatments

Window shades are considered soft treatments since they’re usually made of fabric. These window treatments add an attractive look to your home, but they don’t allow for much light-filtering or privacy control. A roller shade pulls down from a tube at the top of your window and resembles a roll of wrapping paper. They provide total coverage of your windows, and you can adjust them to any height.

Roman shades have a much more elegant look and feature a cascading, folded design. These shades come in various colors and are typically made of lightweight fabric.

Cellular or honeycomb shades are made of pleated chambers that can trap air and give you additional insulation. In fact, high-quality cellular shades may save you quite a bit on your energy bill.

If you stick to fabric shades, you’ll get the privacy you need without skimping on style. Blackout shades will cost you more than traditional ones, but it’s worth the cost in terms of the energy savings they provide.


If you want to add a nice architectural element to your home, shutters will do just that. While these window treatments are the costliest option, they do give your home the look of custom woodwork. In terms of curb appeal, shutters are a fantastic choice. You can have them painted in any color whether it matches your home’s color or you want to create a unique visual contrast with a different color. Aside from their attractive look, most shutters include a lifetime warranty, so they’re designed to last a lot longer. Make sure the shutters are fitted to your windows for best results.

You can find pre-cut or pre-sized shutters at a lower cost but it’s important that you do some measuring to make sure they’ll fit your windows. Wood plantation shutters look fantastic, and faux wood versions are a good option if you live in an area with high humidity. These window treatments give you a higher level of customization since you can choose everything from the design to the hinge color. Traditional shutters have narrow slats, while plantation shutters are wider to allow more light into your home.

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When you combine shutters with quality windows, you’ll definitely get great shading and energy saving costs. You can learn more about double-glazed windows to get an idea of how much they can improve energy efficiency.


In terms of creative freedom, curtains are likely some of the best window treatments. You’ll find curtains in a huge range of colors, prints, and materials to match your decor. If you’re looking for something custom like drapery panels, you may end up paying somewhere in the range of thousands of dollars. On the other hand, pre-sized curtains are much less expensive and still give you the same benefits.

Measuring for curtains is much easier than doing so for blinds or shutters. You won’t need to confine yourself to the size of the window frame. Choose curtains that are slightly larger than the window itself to ensure you get proper coverage. You’ll also need to install curtain rods above each window to keep them in place and hang them. Room darkening curtains offer cooling properties during the hot summer months. They’re also ideal for rooms where you need more shade, such as a bedroom.

Try to make sure your curtains hang around one inch above the floor. If they’re too long, you might be able to hem them to get them to the right size. Keep in mind that curtains can fade over time since they’re constantly exposed to sunlight. The darker the curtain, the more obvious the fading will be. Choose sheer curtains for rooms where you want a little extra light. The darker and thicker the material, the more privacy and room darkening you’ll get.

Cover Your Windows in Style

Whether it’s design or function you’re looking for, these are some of the best window treatments available today. Choose blinds if you need privacy in a pinch, or go with custom shutters if curb appeal is at the top of your list. Whichever format you decide on, make sure that you’re getting the privacy and energy savings you need for your home and your lifestyle. Visit our website for a free quote and to browse our selection of high-quality windows, doors, and more.

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