Things you should know before buying a rose gold mirror for your home

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In more recent years, rose gold has become very popular as a choice for home furnishings. This is for many reasons, the main one being of course that it makes for a fantastic color to use in your home. If you haven’t used rose gold in your home color scheme before, then it is something that you should absolutely try. Why is rose gold a great material, and what should you know before purchasing a rose gold mirror for your home?

Things you should know before buying a rose gold mirror for your home

There are really no negatives to purchasing a rose gold mirror for your home – the color offers so many advantages over other alternatives.

It’s extremely welcoming – a lot of people may choose to go with slightly brighter and harsher colors for their living room mirror, such as silver, grey, or white. However, all of these colours can have a vibe of harshness, coldness, and are not at all welcoming. Whilst they may look great and very clean, they are not particularly homely colors. Rose gold, on the other hand, offers all of the advantages such as a clean and crisp feeling that the others do, whilst also having a very homely and welcoming feel.

It is not easily damaged – your home is somewhere that you want to be able to truly “live” in. You don’t want to be constantly worrying about your furniture being damaged or scratched. For this reason, you might think it’s difficult to get something that looks great and classy that isn’t very expensive and easily damaged. However, rose gold is exactly that material. Due to the fact that rose gold is not 100% pure gold, it is not as expensive to purchase as pure gold.  Since it is an alloy with tougher metals such as copper, the gold is strengthened considerably and becomes a lot harder. For furniture and mirrors, this is absolutely ideal. It won’t be easily scratched or damaged, and you’ll be able to keep it looking brand new with very minimal maintenance.

Things you should know before buying a rose gold mirror for your home - makeup

It isn’t extremely expensive – when the word “gold” comes into mind, it is understandable that you might start worrying about the cost. However,  as we have previously mentioned rose gold is not just as expensive as traditional gold, and so it is far more cost-effective to furnish your home with.

It will fit in very easily – When purchasing a rose gold mirror for your home, you should know that you do not need to worry about it looking out of place. Due to the color of rose gold, it is very easy to slot into an already existing color scheme. For example, if your home has as a more traditional wood and slate theme, rose gold will complement it very well indeed. On the other hand, if your home has a very modern and sleek finish, rose gold will fit in just as well. It is extremely versatile – a rose gold mirror will look good in any area of any home.

It’s an investment – due to the fact that rose gold is extremely durable whilst being aesthetically pleasing, a rose gold mirror is sure to be a piece that you will keep and treasure in your home for years to come.

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