How To Make Your Home More Vintage And Elegant

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Adding the right touches can transform your home into a vintage, elegant place that always looks incredibly stylish. It’s pretty easy to make some changes in your home for a more vintage look, all you need is to add some antique furniture and get the right items that may not be that much, but will give a whole fresh look to your home.

How To Make Your Home More Vintage And Elegant

If you want a house with vintage elegance and don’t know where to start, we’re here to guide you along the way. We bring you here some easy tips on how to make your home more vintage and awesome.

Use Mixed Furniture

Creating a nice cocktail of different furniture pieces is a great way for a vintage feel to your rooms. Material and color usually make a huge difference in styles. Leather, for example, is an old-timely material for chairs and couches. The multiple shades of brown and bronze are some of the all-time top colors that give a very traditional taste to your home. One of the most antique styles in furniture are the classic chair and couch legs that are either a 70s style thin, straight legs with an angle or 50s short, chubby legs. Wood is also a timely material used for every era. Consoles are also great pieces to add a retro touch to your entrance and rooms.

Buy Antiques

When we think of antiques, we often picture those extremely expensive pieces that we see people buying in auctions in movies. Many of them actually get sold in auctions for being absolutely valuable, and especially people who live collecting them pay thousands of dollars, some may even pay millions, to own these special, historic pieces. Though before you go and start looking for crazy things to buy, you must know first what is an antique and why people go drooling over a particular piece. The proper definition of an antique is an item that has survived 100 years or more. Many of these get sold in galleries or auctions for so much money but then again, you can find others sold in flea markets, and they’ll be quite cheap.

A cool trick can be getting things that look old, but aren’t old at all. An even better trick is to add that touch yourself. If you’re an artist or have any friends with artistic skills, you can add a little paint that gives the piece an “aged” look. No one really cares how old it is, but it will give the perfect effect you need.

Retro Wall Decoration

This is one of the best areas that you can get extra creative with. Were you the kind of kid that liked to select soda bottle lids? If you were, and you still have that collection, you can hang them randomly on your walls, or stick them on a chart and create a wonderful poster by making random shapes with these lids. Don’t get discouraged though if you don’t have a collection of lids. You can still get them from various stores, or you can collect new, metal lids, and try to fade their color a little bit or create some random scratches on them that make them look old enough. Another idea is to get old posters of old movies, frame them, and hang them on your walls. You may also get old logos of your favorite brands and hang them on your walls.

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Old Books on Shelves

Many bookworms’ biggest fear is to have tiny dents in their books, or even worse, big folds on the corners of the pages. It is quite painful to see, but, unfortunately, it’s inevitable. The good news is you can put these books you’re on the shelves for an old-school feel to your rooms. Many people have extremely old books that have yellowish pages and extremely old covers. These are perfect for a retro touch on your shelves for vintage elegance.

Hang Real Paintings

Many artists who aren’t very famous end up getting their paintings sold at gift stores and furniture and decorations stores. They aren’t expensive, and they’re gorgeous. The authenticity of real paintings adds a classical air to your home that gives the exact effect you’re looking for.

Having an elegant home can be done by the simplest touches that you may not believe will work. To your surprise, they actually do. Especially if you want to have a more classic feel to your home for this magical vintage style, the easiest tricks can go a long way. Enjoy every decorative piece and furniture item you have, and give them the little taps that transform them into something completely amazing and old/new.

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