How to Achieve a Classic Home Vibe with Interior Design

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Classic interior design combines Roman and Greek designs to create a well-balanced and harmonious home vibe. It’s all about order and the integration of traditional designs from the rococo and Victorian eras, among others. Classic home design is often seen in huge mansions and even boutique hotels. The good thing is that it also looks good on humble homes and even small cottages. The key is to find components that match the property.

How to Achieve a Classic Home Vibe with Interior Design

It doesn’t have to be an overload of antique and classic decors and furniture. A few pieces here and there are enough to make the place achieve a timeless, classic look. Here are the steps every homeowner can follow to achieve a classic home design:

Plan the Design

Proper planning can make a huge difference. Before anything else, decide whether the entire home or just a few rooms will be redecorated. It’s also best to decide on a budget, as most homeowners will likely need to buy a few pieces to achieve the look. Most of all, have a rough draft of where the pieces will be. Planning is a lot more essential if space is smaller. Perhaps the most important of all is to guarantee that the design is highly functional. It’s more than just looking for an Instagram-worthy background. Instead, pieces should work properly and exactly the way they should.

Research Works Best

Flip through home magazines, or browse the internet for inspiration. Most classic home designs include some antique pieces, strong columns, and timeless art pieces such as paintings and statues. When it comes to materials, traditional designs often use natural resources like wood, bricks, stones, and fibers like cotton.

Choose Serene Colors

When it comes to paints and colors, classical designs have serene, earth-tone colors. Incorporate shades of brown, taupe, white, and cream on the design, including the walls and furniture. For a hint of color, subtle bronze or copper shades will contrast with a light background. Colors like green and orange will also look better.

Symmetry Is Essential

One of the main features of classic home design is symmetry, so it’s incredibly important when designing. There should be a focal point, perhaps a mirror, coffee table, or a sofa. Then add matching pieces like chairs or stools on the front or center. Symmetry and balance can be very pleasing to the eyes. It’s satisfying to see a well-balanced room, making anyone feel a lot more comfortable. The entire place feels more like home.

Add Antique Pieces

Nowadays, it’s hard to find classic pieces. A Victorian bed or armoire can be very expensive when bought from home depots or when customized from furniture makers. It’s possible to find them in online auctions or shops that specialize in antique and vintage pieces. However, not all antique pieces are created equal. The ones that are owned may not be to your liking. In this case, sort them out, and sell interesting antiques online. There are online platforms that connect antique enthusiasts and vintage lovers. Not only does this make selling easier, but it’s also a great way to find other pieces that will match the home better.

How to Achieve a Classic Home Vibe with Interior Design - living room

Besides shopping online, try going to flea markets, auction sales, and garage sales or perhaps taking a look around old family homes. These places are typically affordable or even free. However, some of these pieces may need restoration, so prepare for that possibility.

Choose Classic Patterns

A classic room shouldn’t be dull. Besides art pieces and statues, adding classical patterns can give a room a classic look. Such patterns include stripes, damasks, plaid, and botanicals. As much as possible, stay away from trendy patterns like animal prints and geometric patterns. For best results, use at least three patterns in the room, but no more than that. Vary their scales so the prints don’t clash.

Keep It Classy

Classic home design is timeless, so as much as possible, stay away from trends that can lose their spark in a few years or so. More importantly, create a classic home design that is highly functional but never boring. It shouldn’t break the bank either.

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