Six ways to make your home stand out from others

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Everyone wants their home to be lavish and luxurious; they want their home to be unique and have decor and design that stands out from the rest. However, when everyone is following the same popular design trends, how can you make your home look different and elegant at the same time?

Six ways to make your home stand out from others

This is the question that I am going to answer in today’s post. I will tell you about some design upgrades and decor options that will make your home one of its kind. So, stick around and read the rest of the post to learn more.

Bring nature into your home:

Though it is becoming fashionable, you still see quite a few homes that properly implement indoor nature. When done right, it is a decor concept that can have a fantastic impact on your home. Indoor plants add a splash of green to your interior, which can make your home look more open and more significant than it is. Apart from adding color, indoor plants also have a fantastic effect on the air of your home; it can make it fresher and more fragrant. You should bring in some ornamental plants and may play a small herb garden by your kitchen window. Fresh herbs like mint and rosemary can do wonders for the natural fragrance of your home.

Play with the lighting:

The purpose of lights is not only to make your home visible; these days, lights are a very prominent design feature that needs to be treated as such. The lighting of any room is crucial; in fact, it can make or break its look. Improper lighting can destroy the appearance of even a well decorated and elegant home, whereas the right lighting fixtures can accentuate its features. Most households use a single source of light for every room, or at most, add multiple ceiling LEDs; however, if you want your home to stand out, you need to compliment your decor with a more diverse range of lighting fixtures.

Use table lamps, and consider adding a statement-making chandelier to the ceiling of your living room. Use backlights to attract attention towards your decoration pieces, and install art lights above the artwork you hang on the walls. Add some wall sconces to your corridors, and how about a couple of globe lights on your front porch. When it comes to the kitchen, under cabinet lighting is a must, and you should also consider adding some pendant lights above the center island. Using multiple lighting fixtures can give your home a unique and elegant appeal.

Six ways to make your home stand out from others - living room

Choose a unique color pallet:

The color palette you choose for the walls and furniture of your home is also a very significant aspect, and selecting one that is different yet elegant can give your entire home a unique appearance. Where neutral colors like shades of white have been predominantly used in homes for a long time, you should break the tradition and go for more bold and contemporary options.

Instead of keeping your walls plain, you can also opt for different textures in vibrant tones. Similarly, you need to make sure that your furniture and other decor elements complement the color of the walls so that all the aspects of the room can come together to support each other and create a dramatic appearance.

Install solar panels:

As awareness about energy conservation and global warming increases, people are looking for sustainable homes. Energy efficiency and self-sustainability are features that are found in very few modern homes, and if you want your home to stand out, installing solar panels on your roof is a great option.

Six ways to make your home stand out from others - solar panels

Though they are a significant investment, they can have various benefits. Firstly, they dramatically increase the value of your home and give it a unique selling point. Therefore, even if you intend on flipping a home for a profit, they aren’t a bad option. If you want to start a home-flipping business and are looking for cheap properties in Spain, go check out SpanishHomes.Online.

Secondly, they can also save your money on your utility bills. Some people who live in sunny areas can take their homes entirely off the grid.

Furthermore, solar panels also allow you to decrease your carbon footprint on the earth, and you’re not depleting any of the earth’s resources either. Therefore, consider installing solar panels for a unique and beneficial upgrade.

Expand the livable area:

The basements and attics of most homes are typically used for storage; however, making this space more useful is a great way to add some unique features to your home. If you implement smart storage solutions and free up the basement space, you can use it for many exciting things. You could make a couple of extra bedrooms and a bathroom, or you could get a little more creative with space. Maybe build a home gym, a play area for the kids, or perhaps a home office.

Furthermore, you should also pay attention to the external spaces of your home. For instance, your patio should be decorated and designed like an extension of the living space. The best feature, in my opinion, is to create an outdoor barbeque area on the patio. Adding these unique features to your home will surely make it stand out, and they will also contribute to a considerable increase in the value of your home.

Upgrade the landscape:

Whatever unique features and upgrades you may have in your home, if your exterior is not properly designed and decorated, no one will look towards your home twice; therefore, you must upgrade your home landscape. Consider planting a backyard garden, which will add a lot of beauty to your home, and it will also provide you with healthy and organic fruits and vegetables. Furthermore, make sure that the exterior of your home has a contemporary design, with modern colors, lighting, and fixtures.

Final thoughts:

Our home is the most critical place for us in the world, and we all want it to be unique, stylish, and lavish. However, this can be not easy unless you know how to design and decorate your home. I hope that the tips mentioned earlier are helpful.

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