4 steps to help you choose fake plants and artificial flower arrangements

It goes without saying that whatever fake plant you choose, they should look like the real thing. A good starting point is to find a picture of the real-life plant you’d like and then compare that to the fake version. Do they look similar? Leaves and variegated veins are a dead giveaway, if the pattern is too uniform, any up-close inspection won’t pass. As is anything that looks too plasticky, although some natural plants do have an almost plastic sheen to them.

4 steps to help you choose fake plants and artificial flower arrangements

Succulents often have a shine to them too, they’re an ideal introduction plant, they can be small tabletop size and look remarkably lifelike. You can create a natural looking shrubbery indoors, with some creative styling.

The Goldilocks test! – Find Plants that match the space

While we may fall in love with a really tall tree, it’s not going to look good in a space that is too small. In the same way a really small plant (no matter how lifelike) will look totally lost in a large space. So matching the space you have with the right artificial plant that isn’t too big and isn’t too small, but just right, is super important.

If it’s a new fake plant you’re after, measure the space first and make sure the plant height and width doesn’t expand to take up the entire space (touching walls so the leaves are bent, touching ceilings, or squashed into a corner). If it’s an artificial flower arrangement your wanting, it’s the same process. Ensure the flowers won’t be pushed up against any surfaces – so it can stand out and show off all those amazing details.


We all prefer spending less, rather than more. There are a lot of cheap fake plants out there…and for good reason. Think of it this way, if you’re going to go artificial then you want it to look lifelike, otherwise what is the point?! This is going to be something you’re looking at each and every day so it should be a product you’re absolutely thrilled with every day. There is nothing worse that buying something cheap, seeing it every day and trying to convince yourself by saying under your breath “at least we kept the cost down”. It is much more enjoyable to buy an artificial plant that looks amazing and be really proud that you spent that little bit extra for it.

4 steps to help you choose fake plants and artificial flower arrangements - flowers

What the style?

With nearly every variety of real plant replicated in the artificial versions, there is no shortage of choices. Deciding on the style of plants you want can really narrow down the field. If you’re wanting a tropical style, then you can focus on Palm trees, Bamboo Trees, maybe some coconut palms and all those lush green plants you expect to see in a rain forest. If you looking for a singular statement piece that really captivates people attention, then look for those plants that aren’t so well known but capture everyone’s attention from the moment they see them. Wisteria Trees are a great option, providing a combination of lush greenery with stunning flowers. Or if you’re looking for a flower arrangement then look for the colours that fit with your surrounding area. Don’t forget, if you’re wanting to make a statement, it needs to be bold in some way (either by height, the colours or a combination of flowers used). If you go with something conservative, it will never make the statement you’re wanting. You can find more info here.

If you’re looking for something that just fits nicely in a corner… those lifeless areas every home or office seems to have, then going a little more conservative is great. You don’t want anything too loud or bold otherwise it draws attention to that area of the room instead of filling it up nicely as people casually glance at it. Often the best way to achieve that is to stick with lush greenery, without flowers. So focus on those trees that have lots of green leaves. Artificial Fiddle Leaf trees are a great choice here, with their big broad leaves and real timber trunks they make the perfect addition and really enhance the atmosphere of a room. Even those lifeless areas really come alive.

If you’re looking for some of the best artificial plants in the world in a wide range of styles, visit Artificial Plant Shop, with a huge range of fake plants, artificial trees and flower arrangements there is so much to choose from.

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