List of the best peephole cameras for 2022

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A peephole door camera allows you to see what is happening in front of your apartment or house. This will help you to be aware of any upcoming danger by recording unusual activities outside.

Installing peephole camera

This article presents a list of the best peephole cameras:

1. Ring Peephole Cam

It is capable of replacing a regular peephole and is compact enough to fit in front of any doorway. If someone presses the doorbell, knocks on the door, or activates the motion sensors, you will receive notifications on your smartphone. Answer the notifications from anywhere in the world to hear, see and communicate with visitors. Installing the camera in an apartment, house, dormitory or condo is effortless and quick. A real peephole on any door will look right at home in this compact design. With Ring, users can watch HD video, hear two-way audio and receive motion-activated notifications.

2. Shrxy 800TVL

There are several things to like about this door peephole camera, including its durable design and good wide-angle lens. However, the model is not water-resistant and can be installed even outside of the house without affecting its performance. When it’s sunny, when it’s cloudy or when it’s dark, Shrxy 800TVL works flawlessly. IR night illumination is not part of this model, but it provides a quality low light picture in color at nighttime under lampposts. Be aware that you must enlarge the door peephole beforehand so that it will fit the camera.

3. 3RD Eye 5.8G

Those who care about security will appreciate the 3RD Eye 5.8G peephole camera. Due to the model’s size and minimalistic design, this model is easily hidden at the door. It is not readily apparent that it is recording devices. Owners can view and track all activity at their front door with the camera attached to a DVR. A 90-degree view is possible with this model, which offers a visible image. Consequently, objects can be seen under the doorbell by owners. Even in low light conditions, 3RD Eye 5.8G performs well. This camera supports a 32GB SD memory card, so you can record and replay videos while out and about.

4. Maiweixi Peephole Camera

The automatic snap capability of this apartment and house peephole camera makes it a popular choice. When motion is detected at the front door, the camera will instantly take a picture or video to keep track of what is happening. There are five polyphonic ringtones integrated so you can choose a pleasant sound to accompany the doorbell. You may forget about storing your pictures in the cloud after you have transferred pictures to a laptop or smartphone. Although there is a slight grain to the picture, it looks good overall. Despite its conventional design, the door is durable and attractive. The camera is installed through a peephole in a regular door in approximately five minutes.

5. So new Viewer

An extremely thin and attractive design distinguishes this video peephole door camera. The camera monitors activities around the door around the clock. There is no hassle in installation. Children and elderly people will have no problem using it. There is decent brightness for daylight viewing. Another benefit of this camera is its reasonable price. When you need to see a visitor as quickly as possible, So new Viewer ensures that it will load quickly. People who don’t require night vision and don’t mind purchasing separate rechargeable batteries may find it an ideal option.

Peephole camera set

6. Greeter Plus

Users can choose between gold earth or space gray as the colors of the door viewer. Users can personalize their front door this way. In addition to taking pictures/filming videos of outside activity, the model works without a smartphone. With its wide-angle lens and 165-degree field of view, the camera won’t miss any visitors or events at the entrance. The battery life of this model is remarkable, and the pictures appear clearly during the day and at night. In most cases, Greeter Plus can be installed without any problems. In terms of price quality, the camera stands out and is best suited for those on a budget.

What are the best features of a peephole camera?


A peephole camera can be either standalone or a removable one or it can be fixed to a door. With standalone models, you can view your visitors via an LCD and doorbell. In such cameras, there are no wires that are visible from the outside, so they can be recognized. With the possibility to install extendable display devices, detachable displays satisfy users with a wide viewing angle. A fixed-on-door camera has a very compact size and, as the name suggests, is mounted on the door. The videos can be recorded on an external device and used for surveillance purposes.


When installing the best peephole camera, you shouldn’t experience any inconveniences. It ought to be a quick and painless process. It will still take a lot of time and effort to remove the old peephole lens if the camera requires removal before installation. In certain models, the doorbell needs to be replaced when using a peep-hole camera. In case you don’t enjoy messing with cables, you can try external power sources, for instance, a battery. However, house wiring is still recommended in this case to ensure that any power concerns are avoided.

Integration with smartphones

The installation of a peephole door camera may not be sufficient for everyone. The feature of syncing it to your gadgets and answering the door from your smartphone may interest you. A camera that integrates with a smartphone will give you instant notifications, allow you to view filmed videos, send prerecorded messages, and offer you wireless, intercom, and cloud storage capabilities. In addition, you will have the chance to keep track of your activities while you are away from home.

Capabilities in low light

Despite low-light conditions, the best peephole cameras offer decent results. People can visit you not just during the daytime, but at night as well. During the hours of darkness, certain models impress us with their ability to take pictures in the infrared range. The number of cameras is only useful if the night vision is good. If the night vision is not good, it will not be able to provide proper round-the-clock security.

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