5 Awesome Ways to Boost Your Home Security

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In today’s world, DIY home security has reached never-before-seen heights. Long gone are the days of hiring a professional to install telescope-sized cameras around your home to secure the perimeter for an exorbitant price.

5 Awesome Ways to Boost Your Home Security

In this article, you’ll discover five awesome 21st-century home security devices to give you extra peace of mind. All of these devices are especially useful for city dwellers and parents with children to look after.

1) Wireless Home Security Camera System

By far, the quickest and most innovative way to improve your home security without hiring a pro is the wireless home security system from Yourcamcenter.com. While certainly not the cheapest option, you get a lot of value for the money, especially considering that some of the top systems don’t require a monthly fee. Several of the advantages of choosing this type of system are its adaptability, smart home integrations including with Alexa, no annoying cables to deal with, and the ability to communicate with visitors via the cameras. All in all, this type of home security system is a worth a look for any homeowner, and it’s not something that’ll become outdated anytime soon.

2) Smart Doorbell Camera

Similar to a wireless home security camera system, a smart doorbell allows you to see who’s at your door from your phone. Additionally, you have the option to 2-way talk with visitors and receive notifications directly to your phone while you’re away. This feature is particularly useful for when you want to monitor your door while you’re on vacation, at work or receiving an important package. Plus, if you own a vacation home or rental, a smart doorbell is an easy way to monitor your investment without breaking the bank. Lastly, the addition of motion detection makes the smart doorbell a truly nifty home security device.

3.) Throw Out Your Cheap Padlocks

Do you have an outdoor shed or toolbox with a cheap padlock? Comparatively, there’s a world of difference between cheap locks and good locks. For starters, it’s not a bad idea to get acquainted with some of the most secure padlocks on the market at Anti-Theft Boss. Next, the problems with choosing a cheap padlock are that they’re easy to pick, quick to corrode in harsh weather, easily broken with brute force, and last but not least, simple for anyone with basic tools to cut. In other words, a cheap padlock is for nothing more than show and isn’t going to buy you any time. While no padlock is indestructible, a good one will always buy you more time, which could be the difference between getting robbed and keeping your valuable possessions.

5 Awesome Ways to Boost Your Home Security - smart lock

4.) Motion-Activated Smart Floodlight

Another great home security device you have at your disposal is the smart floodlight. With one of these, you instantly upgrade outdated floodlights that simply light up. A modern smart floodlight incorporates a camera, smart home device compatibility, customizable features, and the cherry on top is the built-in siren for emergency situations. Also, if you choose a popular wireless home security system such as Ring by Amazon, it’s easy to integrate a smart floodlight with your existing system for enhanced security.

5.) DIY Smart Alarm System

Are you overpaying for a home alarm system service or not getting the peace of mind you desire? If you answered yes, a good alternative is a DIY smart alarm system with optional professional monitoring. First, the great thing about this type of system is the fact that there are no wires, which eliminates the burden of a complicated installation. Next, it’s easy to custom tailor the system to your home depending on how many sensors you need/want. Third, smart home integration means you’ll be able to monitor everything and receive alerts directly to your phone or tablet. Overall, this is an excellent type  of home security device that offers flexibility and modern tech features.

Bottom Line

Depending on where you live, you may or may not find that several of these devices are a worthy addition to your home. Regardless, adding just one to your home will boost your home security and help you sleep better at night knowing your family is safer. Plus, there’s a good chance that some of these devices will actually save you money in the long run if you’re currently stuck in an expensive contract. For instance, a smart home alarm system gives you the option to add professional services for a monthly fee rather than a lengthy contract.

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