Home renovations can be expensive. There’s no arguing that. However, there are ways to get all the features you’re looking for and make your kitchen look expensive without breaking the bank.

5 Ways To Make Your Kitchen Look Expensive On A Budget

Updating appliances, replacing tiling, and customizing your interior design can add up, but the final look does not have to be as pricey. Here are five ways you can make your renovated kitchen look expensive on a budget:

1. Paint Old Cabinets

When going through a kitchen renovation, you cannot forget to upgrade your home cabinets. Cabinets will wear away over time by suffering from water damage, causing dark spots, or stains from dirty hands. A fresh coat of paint on your cabinets can take them from appearing old and worn out to bright and chic. If there is carrying discoloration among cabinets, this will give your kitchen a more uniform look. Painting older cabinets will help you save money if you do not have it in the budget to completely remove them.

2. Work With Lighter Colors

A big room can feel luxurious. If your kitchen has small square footage and a dark color, you should consider switching up the color. White, bright colors, or light cabinets will make your kitchen feel bigger. When natural sunlight shines in a given space, the light will make your bright room even brighter. A brighter room will make your kitchen appear bigger than it is, so you should stay away from dark wood and darker cabinet colors.

3. Add More Lighting Fixtures

Since a brighter room makes a room feel bigger than it is, you should consider purchasing more lighting fixtures for your kitchen. You can find inexpensive chandeliers to hang to make your kitchen feel extravagant. By adding hanging pendant lights to darker spots in the room, you will give the illusion of a bigger space. You can add additional lights underneath cabinets to increase maximum light. Skylights and natural light are preferred in a given space. Another tip is to switch out any fluorescent light bulbs. This will get rid of unnatural-looking light.

5 Ways To Make Your Kitchen Look Expensive On A Budget - amazing kitchen

4. Decorate With Artwork

If your kitchen has neutral tones, you can hang up big and bold pieces of artwork. This will make your home look classy and valuable. Being cohesive with matching pieces of art in style and color gives your kitchen an elevated look. Artwork hanging in a given space can give the impression that the people in your home are worldly and cultured in the arts. Art hanging in the kitchen can give a certain mood or vibe you want others to have in the space with you. In addition to art, you can add molding to the baseboard, chair rail, or ceiling for a sophisticated interior design.

5. Add Window Treatments

Window treatments are a way to add interior decoration around your window and enhance the aesthetics of a room. If you add window treatments to the panel above, you can create an illusion that the windows appear taller than they really are. This will make your kitchen feel like you have high ceilings. You can add curtains to dress up the window to match the interior design of the kitchen and pull them back to let in natural sunlight.


Excessive home renovations may put a dent in your wallet. Luckily, there are ways to make your kitchen feel expensive and sophisticated without having to spend too much. Guests will feel welcomed in your space with bold artwork and inviting colors. Keep your kitchen light, bright, and clean for a polished look.