Kitchen Appliance Deep Cleaning: When To Call For Help

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Did you know that your kitchen is one of the leading breeding grounds for disease-causing germs? Well, now you know it. Typically, the splashes of cooking oil, fumes and smoke from cooking, and even the residues from cooking all contribute to feeding bacteria and other germs. Despite cleaning regularly with detergent, these residues and greasy deposits are left over. And can lead to bacterial infestation.

Kitchen Appliance Deep Cleaning

Well, you can, of course, scrub these off with a mild detergent and use disinfectants later to clean them. But, what about the insides of your kitchen appliances? To your surprise, the kitchen appliances are often left neglected from regular cleaning. So, what do you do? Visit and get professionals to clean it up for you. Not sure about whether you need professional help? We suggest you keep reading to find out.

What appliances need a deep cleaning?

Before we get to the reasons for getting a professional cleaning service, it makes sense to understand which appliances will be cleaning. Of course, your kitchen has several appliances including juicer-mixers, electric chimneys, etc. And, you might be cleaning most of these regularly. However, there are some appliances that need a more deep cleaning than you can anticipate.


You use your microwave/oven for cooking and baking, essentially. And it needs no mention that it also involves oil and butter. In short, the food you cook or bake in your oven is greasy. While cooking, the fumes coming out from your food get deposited on the inside walls of your appliance. Despite proper ventilation systems installed in your appliance, it is inevitable to expect complete removal of the fumes. And it could be a serious problem if left unchecked. Problems like food-poisoning are a common result of unhygienic ovens. As the experts at explain, professionals would remove all the grease from the insides, along with sterilizing it with food-grade chemicals. Thus, making a professional cleaning service worthwhile.


Another piece of kitchen equipment that often needs thorough cleaning is your refrigerator. Although there are no fumes that may create greasy deposits inside your fridge, it does not mean cleaning it is not necessary. For dishes that contain gravy, it is quite common to spill inside the refrigerator. Besides, the bottom of your containers can also have clinging residues that may get transferred to your refrigerator.

All these issues are enough to feed pests like cockroaches. And not to forget, the bacteria and fungi that could grow within. Also, does not eliminate food perishment completely. What it does instead is simply delaying it and keeping the food fresh for longer. In short, the food inside your fridge is a welcoming call for all the bacteria and germs, along with disease-spreading cockroaches. Well, that’s enough a reason to get your fridge cleaned up by a professional.

Kitchen Appliance Deep Cleaning - cleaning the fridge


Yes, your dishwasher is likely to create a health hazard. For all the greasy dishes you clean in your washer, there is some portion that remains back. Although the dishwashers are well equipped with self-cleaning features, they are still not 100% efficient. And the residue that remains can give rise to bacterial infections. All these bacteria can travel to your dishes and end up in your food. You might think that your dishes are super-clean, but believe us, they are not. So, what do the professionals do with it? They clean your dishwasher inside out to ensure all the clogged food is removed completely.


Last but not least, your cooktop is also susceptible to bacterial infestation. This one is, actually, a no-brainer. You cook food, toss it, and you burn it. And throughout the cooking process, millions of tiny droplets are splashed over onto the cooktop. And these can breed gazillions of tiny disease-causing bacteria. Besides, wiping with a wet cloth is not sufficient as there are several corners and crevices around the cooktop which are not easily reachable. Notably, the professionals have specialized equipment for cleaning. And reaching these places for them is no big deal. They can give your cooktop or stove a complete hygiene treatment and sterilize it to be safe for cooking again.

When to call for professional cleaning service?

Now, that you know what appliances a professional kitchen cleaning service provider would clean, you might also want to know when to call them. Keep reading for more information.

If you have not cleaned them for months

Like any other home equipment, kitchen appliances also need regular maintenance. On top of that, regular cleaning is also necessary, if you use your appliances more often. Nonetheless, regardless of whether you’ve been using it continuously for months or not, the deposits would colonize the bacteria. It is advised to have a professional clean your kitchen appliances, at least twice a year.

If you’ve recently moved in/out

Another reason for seeking professional help is when you’re moving in or moving out of your house. Particularly, this is crucial when you’re moving into a house that offers you pre-installed appliances. Moving into a fully-furnished and equipped house would mean that you also get the disease-causing bacteria and germs in the appliances. This is one of the foremost reasons to seek professional help.

If you’ve bought second-hand appliances

Most importantly, when you buy a used appliance, the chances are it won’t be cleaned and sterilized properly. Most of the owners selling out used products, although, mention that they follow proper cleaning and sterilization process before selling them. However, this is not entirely true in every case. When you buy a used product, you need to ensure that it is fit for use. Especially the products that you’ll be using in the kitchen. As a result, this calls for professional deep-cleaning services. The professionals would take care of the sterilization process to ensure that they meet the food-grade safety measures.

The Outlook

If you’ve been following the article till now, then you must already have a pretty good idea about professional cleaning services. And, also, when to call them. So, if your needs align with any of the aforementioned reasons, then you should contact a professional right away. But, keep in mind to ensure that the contractor you hire is the right fit for what you need.

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