Keeping Small Homes Organized: 9 Clever Storage Hacks

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If every new space you move into seems like a snugger than the latter, you do not imagine things. Over a decade, the size of a one-bedroom apartment has increased to 8%, while studios are 18% smaller than they were a few years ago. Just because our homes are smaller does not mean our list of stuff is shrinking too, and for many people, decluttering might help create a place you can call home. Furthermore, our stowing stories change with time. In one period of life, you might store your breakfront in the closet because your bedroom is too compact for it. Then in the next stage, you are thinking to decant your pantry staples with matching modular canisters.

Keeping Small Homes Organized

Regardless of what storage problem you are facing, you will find yourself in a trance, where you invest in nifty little units, boxes, and bins that promise to tie up all your loose ends. However, there’s no need for that. Yes, we agree; organizing a small home is no joke. But with some creative thinking, you can discover spaces for possessions that you might never have dreamed of having. So read on and unleash your small home’s true storage potential with these nine best storage hacks.

Pack Up Things You Are Not Ready To Part With

Yes, purging can suck the soul of you, but holding onto things for too long can not only leave you in distress but also pile up your home with unneeded items. So if there are some kitchen gadgets, home décor, winter clothes you feel cannot be replaced and will be trendy in the future, you should only store these things in the basement. Or you can also keep them in a storage unit or the garage until you need them. Furthermore, if your garage or any other “storage space” isn’t available for more stuff, then you must think out of the box. And don’t go for the research process because it takes a lot of testing and evaluation to find the right storage company, especially if you live in Amherst, NY. Gratefully, a highly-reputed storage option, such as Amherst self storage is available. It offers all storage options, including small, medium, and extensive, and affordable prices. So book your unit and get that clutter out of your home.

Store Some Stuff Under Or In The Bed

If the mess in your bedroom has reached utmost levels, why not go for a box spring with drawers? If your current box spring is traditional and doesn’t have any additional spaces, you can choose to swap and get one with drawers. Doing so will assist you in clearing out clutter while maintaining cleanliness and adding elegance to your bedroom.

Think About Wall Storage

When filtering, we often start with the big things, such as clearing space from the living room, bedroom, kitchen, etc., that we forget about the little things. You never know how much you can undertake; you just took care of the minor details. That said, have you ever given your walls a thought? Having a wall space is also critical. Try affixing a pegboard onto your wall. Indeed, this is an inexpensive addition to your room and provides an easy way of keeping everything from scarves to purses from cluttering up your coat stand or – worse yet – on the floor.

Get A Room For Lightweight Appliances

It is usual for one to get tired of bending down and search through rows of slow cookers, air fryers, and instant pots. To make this easier, try this brilliant back. Put all of your minor appliances on a cheap, simple rolling plant stand. It makes redoing and undoing your small appliance storage space a historical thing.

Store Towels In A Dangling Shoe Rack

You may not understand this soon enough, but those bulky towels in your linen closet are taking up a lot of room than they usually should. The solution? Go for a hanging shoe frame and roll all of your bulky towels and stick one in each compartment.

Get Creative With Your Innerwear

PVC pipes were useful to store hairdryers earlier, and that was a pretty sweet spot for them. As it turns out, PVC pipes are helpful for a whole bunch of other things in your closet. Suppose your undergarments drawer is always filling up to the brim, and you never have any ideas on organizing them. In that case, PVC pipes can come in handy. These pipes are available in different colors, so you can place put matching undies and instantly remember which one. The best part about this organizational tip is that it looks adorable and quickly gets rid of the mess. You can see where everything is at a glance, and you can grab what you need without disrupting the organization.

Keeping Small Homes Organized - small home

Make One Room Into Two

It is difficult to remain organized and prepared when living in a small space. But hey, when you have a creative mind, nothing can stop you from decluttering. Therefore, think about the rooms you have and the rooms you don’t. Try to prefer to carve out space in the bedroom for shelves and a deck. Maybe design an exercise area (if you are good with cutting and carving) in the living room by ensuring everything is available at an arm’s reach.

Condense Your Paperwork

When handling paper/document clutter, ask yourself: would it be difficult for me to replace it if it was gone? If it is not challenging at all – toss it. If it is difficult – keep it. Find a container or a cardboard box to make sure you only keep essential things. Do not keep manuals for the toaster because that does not count as “important.” You have the internet for that!

Create At Least One Corner Of Clarity

We often learn to cram everything in one spot, but things don’t work that way when you live in a small space. You might even feel overwhelmed just by looking at it. So find one room, one corner, or one wall of your home that you want to leave blank. Let it be a “blind spot” for you to stare and move into a dimension of relaxation. It seems weird, but it works. Also, it increases the aesthetics of your small home.

The Verdict

Finally, the decluttering is over! Sometimes, starting big isn’t the best option. It is better to take baby steps, especially when it comes to keeping your small space organized because God knows how much stuff you have to put up with every day. Even the littlest changes can create significant differences. Therefore, follow these storage tips, and you will end up with a whole lot of space. And remember, you can’t accomplish a “clean space” if you aren’t thinking creatively. So pick a day when you are at the top of your game and start organizing.

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