How To Keep Your House Clean During Renovation

How To Keep Your House Clean During Renovation

Excitement is in the air when you have a house renovation underway. Adding improvements and aesthetics to your home immediately changes its ambiance, giving you space to breathe and new surroundings to appreciate and decorate. Repairs make the functions in your home more efficient so you will be looking forward to doing chores in your home that may have been previously problematic to perform.

Renovations can be as exciting as Christmas! Our environment affects our inner well-being and a successful renovation means more than fresh paint; it’s a new life! The process of renovation can be tricky. All the dust and debris get on stuff! You have to rearrange your furniture to make way for heavy tools. It can be noisy, messy and dirty. Transitions are not always easy but there are ways to keep your house clean during a renovation. Keep to these pointers and lessen your headache. Keep to a plan and a strategy and breeze through your renovation- scot free!

Keep the Renovation Area Blocked

Renovating entails dust and debris flying off in all directions. Block off the area being renovated with a plastic cover or curtain. Sure, it won’t keep dust precisely where it should land and you will still find clumps of dust in areas a few feet away from where you blocked it off but at least dust won’t be all your house.

A plastic cover hung on the doorway and windows keeps the dust and debris more or less settled in one area so you will only have to clean up a certain portion of your house at the end of each day. Similar to having an area blocked is to have paths of cleanliness. This entails laying down boards on floor areas that are tread on when carrying materials such as sand or paint to the renovation area. You may also use a tarp over areas you want to be kept clean.

Workers often have muddy shoes and you don’t want them carrying mud and sludge through the clean parts of your house. Buckets of paint that have to be transported to and fro might get spilled which adds to your clean up. Assigning a clean path keeps dust and spills from the clean area so you don’t have to do much cleaning after

Invest in a Good Vacuum

Dust is your enemy during renovation and vacuuming is your best defense. Dust lands on furniture on every corner and every surface so you have to vacuum painstakingly to avoid dust build up. Invest in a good vacuum with great suctioning power.

You want to vacuum away even the tiniest and finest bit of dust. Vacuum next to the work area several times a day to keep it clean. Remember that renovations are disruptive enough so think about investing in reliable cleaning tools that eliminate further frustration and stress. Prepare yourself to clean before, during and after renovation so you can maintain a more or less orderly home in each step. Keeping to a clean daily habit during renovation keeps your home from looking like a disaster zone! You want a comfy and livable home and dust are unhealthy and unsightly.

How to keep your house clean during renovation - cleaning

Cover Your Furniture

Fabric is a great dust magnet and keeping upholstered furniture protected under heavy plastic during renovation halves your workload! What is better is to keep your furniture locked in a separate room completely away from the renovation area. Furniture has finishing which may get dulled and destroyed once the dust settles on them.

Dust and debris can also get into the cracks and crevices of furniture destroying detail work. Preserve the looks of your furniture and keep them under coverings through the renovation if you have to keep them near the renovation area.

Take Your Stuff Out

When you remodel, it is best to keep the area as bare as possible. Take out heavy furniture, clothes, and fabric away from the area since it will only attract dust and debris. The risky of your items being damaged or destroyed when it is in the renovation area is increased.  Keeping the renovation bare also gives more space for the heavy tools that will be used in the renovation.

Workers will have more space to move into a spacious area reducing the possibility of accidents. Keep only the necessary tools in the renovation area and keep your important items in a safe place to avoid damage.

Insist on Cleaning After Every Work Day

If you hired a contractor you may want to talk about daily cleanups after each work day. Cleaning up before calling it a day reduces the amount of dust and debris that will spread throughout the house. Use an air scrubber for removing dust particles from the air. Cleaning up each day helps make the mess manageable. Have the area being renovated vacuumed to maintain a clean and orderly work area for the next day.

Renovations are fun and exciting and all the cleanup can give you the physical workout you need. All that sacrifice is worth it in the end when the revelation of a brand-new space finally gives you the comfort and aesthetics you planned and hoped for.

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