Your home isn’t truly smart without these five items

Smart technology can significantly improve your home as well as your life in many ways. Various wifi connected gadgets can perform multiple functions in your home. Some devices can enhance security at your home while others are programmable to perform numerous tasks such as cleaning.

smart home gadgets

The following five gadgets can genuinely make your home smart, and these include intelligent smoke detectors, robot vacuum cleaner, intelligent speaker, smart bulb and a smart thermostat.

Smart Smoke Detector

There are various types of smart smoke detectors, and they help to safeguard your property whether you are around or away. You can enjoy peace of mind by installing the best wifi smoke detector in your home. This kind of smoke detector connects with your smartphone via a specific app. It is smart in that it immediately sends an alert to your phone in case of fire or smoke detection in your home. A wifi smoke detector is advantageous in that it helps you to monitor your home from any place. Once you get a fire alert on your phone, you can contact the fire services department to attend to the scene. A smart smoke detector is also beneficial in that it operates in real time such that your response can be quick before the fire spreads. You get to know about the fire at your home when you are thousands of miles away. In some instances, your neighbor may not be aware of anything happening at your place.

smoke detector

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Cleaning the home every day can be a tiresome chore but you cannot avoid it. However, thanks to smart technology, you can relax while a robot vacuum cleaner performs the cleaning for you. Yes, you get it right this gadget is smart, and you can program it to clean your home at specific periods. A robot vacuum cleaner operates via an app on your smartphone so you can manage it remotely. The gadget is smart in that it can map your house and cleans it without your supervision. Your only effort is to start it if not programmed to turn on during a particular time automatically. The gadget has multiple sensors, and it avoids obstacles along its way when cleaning your house. It is also intelligent in that when the battery is running low; it returns to the base station to recharge. This device gives you the opportunity to perform other tasks while it cleans your home.

Smart Speaker

A smart speaker is intelligent, and it can perform various tasks on your behalf through a voice command.  For example, Amazon Echo uses the voice recognition facility, and you can tell it to do multiple things while you relax. You can command the smart speaker to do online shopping for you or even perform other tasks like booking a plane.

smart speakers

Smart speakers can also do specific tasks like reading stories to your kids. The device can also search favorite music for you, and you can also program it to wake you up instead of setting alarms that can be annoying. A smart speaker helps you to control all wifi linked gadgets without touching them.

Smart Thermostat

Maintaining utility bills at lower levels is an issue of concern to many homeowners. Water heating systems in the homes significantly contribute to rising utility bills, especially during colder seasons. A smart thermostat can help you maintain your energy consumption at desired levels.

smart thermostat

The smart thermostat connects to a water heating system, and it controls its operations. When the water boils, the device automatically switches off the power. You can also schedule the gadget to learn your daily movements at home. If you forget to turn off the heating system, it can automatically do it for you after 48 hours. You can also control the heating system remotely using your smartphone.

Smart Bulb

Moving to the switch to turn off the light when you are already in bed can be tedious. You can avoid this dull routine by installing the Philips Hue smart bulbs in your home. The kit consists of three bulbs that you can connect to a router, and these have adjustable colors. You can schedule the lights to turn on or off during certain periods.

The other smart thing about the bulb is that you can program its light intensity to suit different conditions. For example, you can schedule it to show colors of a rising sun, and this can help to wake you up. The light appeals to your senses of sight instead of an alarm whose sound can be irritating when you are in deep slumber. When you are away on holiday, you can remotely control the lighting system in your home to avoid unnecessary costs. You can also switch on the lights in specific rooms while you are away so that outsiders may think there is someone. This strategy is suitable for enhancing security at your home since people outside can see the lights turning on and off.

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