Why you should invest in a memory foam mattress

Memory foam technology has been around for decades now, paving the way to the manufacturing of highly luxurious mattresses that promote better sleep. People of all ages and income levels have now turned to memory foam mattresses to achieve better, more comfortable sleep. These mattresses are filled with a variety of foam layers. Unlike the old spring mattresses which sag over time, memory foam is made using durable materials which ensure they retain their support two times longer than spring mattresses.

Why you should invest in a memory foam mattress

Some of the benefits of memory foam mattresses include their super thickness, luxury and quality materials. These mattresses take the distinct shape of your body.  If you enjoy the feel of memory foam laced with coils and latex for responsiveness and support, then these mattresses might be for you. Here are a few reasons why you should invest in memory foam mattresses:

Well-constructed with durable materials

Memory foam mattresses are made up of 8 layers, each of which serves a purpose. The 2-inch top comfort layer helps to provide comfort and luxury and is also hand tufted – something you’d only find in mattresses that cost three times more. The 5-inch cooling layer is infused with gel to provide cooling to the mattresses top layers. To get more details on the other layers, visit https://www.memoryfoamtalk.com/reviews/dreamcloud-mattress-review. In addition, the mattress cover is double tufted which really makes it feel more luxurious than others. This perk makes it cost three times more. It’s also soft, breathable and inhibits bedbugs.

Firmness and support

Memory foam mattresses are firm enough to handle different body types. The 8 layers provide enough level of firmness that could support any weight. Some mattresses tend to be a little too firm and could leave you numb or with pain in your arms and shoulders which is not the case with memory foam mattresses. The latex and foam in the top comfort layer help cradle your body on your side while providing support for your back and stomach. Basically, the high quality materials provide support for both heavy sleepers and comfort resters.

Less sinkage and motion transfer

The memory foam mattress does well when it comes to sinking, which is wholly dependent on weight, unlike most mattresses do. People weighing more will definitely cause sinking on any ordinary mattress when they lie on it but this is not the case with these mattresses. The 15 inch thick material as well as the foam layers and high quality layer of coil prevents any possible sinking despite the weight put on them. Their edge support is also excellent due to the reinforced layer at the edge used for its construction.

The mattress is also known for having minimal off-gassing that most mattresses do due to the hybrid foam used for construction. In addition to that, the mattresses sell at a very affordable price which could actually save you a lot of money due to the high quality and construction used.

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