Homeowners Security Checklist

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Home security is incredibly important but it is also something many of us take for granted or get wrong. It might seem like your home is safe and secure but the truth of the matter is many homeowners don’t take everything into account when it comes to home security.

Homeowners Security Checklist

A simple thing like having your TV to close to your living room windows can lead to a potential thief seeing it and then breaking in to steal it. Yes, that is a worst case scenario but it can and does happen so to help you ensure your home is secure I’ve compiled my own home security checklist for you to follow.


  • Inspect your front/ back door lock to ensure it is in good working order and strong. Door chains similarly need to be regularly inspected explains CLK Supplies, a key blank supplier.
  • If you are unsure what to look out for contact a professional locksmith to inspect your door locks for you. They’ll be able to offer more knowledgeable advice.
  • If your door is largely glass or glass and plastic you should replace it with a stronger more solid wooden door.
  • Consider getting a lock or cover for your letter box to prevent people “fishing” for letters.
  • Don’t have a spare key hidden under a plant pot or ornament in your garden they are not worth the risk.
  • Cameras you can attach to your front door are becoming increasingly common, these allow you to see who is coming to your door even when you are not at home!   


  • Window locks are just as important as door locks so regularly inspect them to ensure they are strong and secure.
  • Again if you are unsure what to look out for get a professional locksmith to examine your windows for you.
  • Make sure you close your blinds/ curtains when you are not at home to prevent people from looking into your house.
  • Get any broken windows repaired ASAP in the meantime keep them covered with some thick boards for extra protection.
  • Don’t keep any windows open if you are leaving your property even small windows on the top floor of your house are still a potential point of entry for thieves.  

Homeowners Security Checklist - windows


  • Garden gates make a noticeable noise when being opened this can help alert you to when someone is entering your garden. A squeaky gate can actually be an effective deterrent for potential thieves.
  • Have a padlock on your gate so you can securely lock them at night this will help prevent people from coming into your garden.
  • Use a padlock on your shed as well, shed break-ins are a common crime because they are noticeably easier to break into than a house but a padlock will help you protect them.
  • Ensure your fence is strong and secure, get any damaged posts repaired ASAP.
  • Invest in a motion light at both the front and back of your home, these are big deterrents to would-be thieves.
  • Consider getting locks for your bins and ensure any documents that contain important information about you are properly shredded first.  


  • Keep your valuables away from prying eyes whenever possible, don’t have things near your windows and have things like jewellery boxes locked away.
  • Home safes are a wise investment but make sure they aren’t left out in the open.
  • Home alarm systems are very useful and come in many different makes and models. Just ensure you don’t leave the code/ password for it out in the open for anyone to see.
  • Valuable doesn’t just mean your expensive gadgets and jewellery your essential I.D documents like your passport are also very important. Make sure they are hidden away as well.
  • Padlocks can be a great way of keeping things like cupboards and toolboxes locked to ensure they are safe and secure.
  • If you really want to ensure your home is safe and secure you could invest in a CCTV system as well.

So, that is my homeowner’s security checklist. Focus on these main four areas and you’ll be able to ensure your home is as safe and secure as possible. And remember if you are even unsure of the best way to proceed a professional locksmith can be a big help.

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