How to Install an IP Network CCTV Camera Security System

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IP cameras, which are also known as network cameras are gaining popularity rapidly among consumers because of their ever-improving features, quality, and declining prices. The difference between an IP CCTV camera and a regular CCTV camera is that it connects to the network as opposed to a DVR via coaxial cable.

How to Install an IP Network CCTV Camera Security System

Here is a quick guide on how to install IP Network CCTV systems:

Step 1: Install the Network Infrastructure

It is important to buy and install the necessary network infrastructure such as cables, switches, etc. You can run the network cabling through the ceilings and walls to reach all the areas where you wish to install the IP cameras.

Step 2: Plan Out Camera Installation

CCTV camera requirements almost always increase after installation of the first set of cameras. You might find it necessary to add cameras in other locations. You should try to anticipate future needs to minimize labour requirements.

Step 3: Add Network Switches

IP Network CCTV security cameras use Power over Internet (PoE), which is why you need to add network switches that include PoE. Ensure that the network switches you install have enough power to support IP devices on all the ports.

How to Install an IP Network CCTV Camera Security System - components

Step 4: Install Mounting Brackets for IP Cameras

If you are fortunate enough, the IP cameras will be easy to install. For instance, some IP cameras allow you to first install the camera brackets and you can then come back later to mount the rest of the camera. If you can find such cameras, the easier the installation will be for you.

Step 5: Mount the IP Cameras

The IP Network CCTV cameras obviously have to be mounted for them to function as intended. To do that, connect the IP camera to the network cable with PoE. Next, mount the camera onto the bracket and adjust the camera’s position to view the area under surveillance.

Step 6: Set Up the IP Cameras on the Network

You can then start viewing the camera footage on a laptop. You can view the video using a web browser and make appropriate changes to any of the camera settings. Different camera manufacturers provide different methods of getting to the IP camera for the first time. Refer to instructions provided by the manufacturer to help with this step.

Step 7: Make the Final Adjustments

Once you are able to view the video footage being captured by the camera using either a web browser or video management system, make final adjustments to the field of view and focus of the IP cameras. Some cameras will let you make adjustments to the zoom and position from the computer. If your camera doesn’t have remote set up, you will have to make the adjustments manually.

Final Thoughts

IP Network CCTV camera systems include IP cameras and the video management and recording system. All the cameras attach to the network and use PoE for power. Today’s IP camera systems are much easier to install and provide much more functionality than older CCTV camera systems. To install your IP Network CCTV camera systems, all you have to do is follow the 7 steps provided here.

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