Can I Install Security Cameras Myself?

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There are plenty of things you can install by yourself in a building; however, security cameras are a different story. If you own a business or want to install security cameras for your commercial space, then you should definitely contact a commercial security camera installer San Francisco. Our city, unfortunately, has a higher crime rate than other metropolitan cities, and apart from this, as a business owner, there are certain safety standards that you have to follow.

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Each business has its own unique security needs to function properly based on its size and scope. All the security measures needed for a business to function properly differ from one another. Here is what you should consider about installing security cameras.

Installing Security Cameras

In most instances, you can install a security camera by yourself, even if you own a small grocery store, but not when it comes down to more extensive business settings. This is because businesses have unique security needs that must be considered and applied only through collaboration with a professional security team. Not all security cameras are the same. Some are battery-operated or solar-powered, and others are wireless or transmit data wirelessly but are still wired to a power source. Even if you dive just into one type of security camera, the installation method differs from model to model. You also have to understand the pros and cons of the security camera type you wish to go with.

The type of security cameras you should consider must be able to handle all the space you want to monitor and secure. Some commercial spaces are more prone to theft or break-ins than others due to the value they store inside, which is appealing to criminals or even bad-natured employees, which cause U.S. businesses over $50 billion yearly in theft damage. You want high-definition video cameras capable of capturing even the smallest details, which you can use for face identification or other scopes. Most cameras need to be installed at least 10 feet off the ground because they can also get stolen or damaged by thieves, but some cameras can actually be camouflaged to avoid this. Apart from this, if you choose to install a security camera by yourself or have an employee do it, who will be responsible if someone is hurt in the process or the cameras don’t function properly? In the end, it might be more costly to install security cameras by yourself than to hire a specialized firm due to unexpected issues. Then, you also have to consider California’s privacy laws.

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Security Cameras and Laws

When you install a security camera by yourself and do not work with a professional security team, you might get in trouble with the law. In California, the Penal Code 632 states that it is illegal to record/monitor confidential communication without the consent of all parties involved. Now, it’s clear that your intent isn’t to spy on your employees, however, you can unknowingly end up in this situation when you install video cameras by yourself and risk getting sued. In most instances, clear written notice that security cameras are in place and the areas are recorded will be enough to avoid this. However, there are certain areas where you can’t put video cameras, such as restrooms or bathrooms. The complicated issue falls into gray areas zones that you might have in your property, such as common areas, water coolers, or cubicles.

When you choose a video camera, some might also have audio recording capabilities, which might sound convenient. Still, you also have to consider that there are even harsher regulations regarding them, such as federal wiretap laws prohibiting audio capability use, which means you also risk buying cameras that you cannot use legally. This is why working with a specialized security firm is essential. They can help you decide on the best security camera types for your business’s security and budget. You will be briefed exactly on the pros and cons that come with any video camera type. Apart from this, installation isn’t that expensive, especially considering all the security benefits and liability should anything go wrong. Security firms are also knowledgeable when it comes to surveillance laws and regulations and might help you install the cameras in all the right places so that you can protect your business and employees efficiently and lawfully. They can also provide regular maintenance services and know exactly where to place the cameras to avoid Wi-Fi signal interferences caused by other devices or building materials, ensuring that your security is top-notch and unaffected by other elements.

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