Common Questions to Ask Before Buying a Security Camera

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Are you planning to purchase a security camera?  If you are unsure, allow us to help you with your decision making process.

Common Questions to Ask Before Buying a Security Camera - deciding

Here are the common questions to help guide you.

There are so many types! Which should I choose?

If you search the net, you will come across so many types and forms of security camera. I bet just typing the words ‘security camera’ will point you to so many images and information.  So before you become more confused, allow me to just give you a peek on the most common types you can focus on. The first type is the bullet security camera. The  design is inspired by a bullet. Why? It is because it focuses on a specific area. This camera is great for entrances and exits. With this type of camera, you can better see the image or the face the camera points to. The disadvantage though is its limited viewing of the entire room. You need to have more bullet type cameras to monitor the whole area.

The second type is the dome security camera.  Unlike the bullet type, this one covers more area. It is also more discreet in terms of look. The last one, which is one of the newest cameras is the light bulb security cam.  Simply place it on the light socket on the ceiling. You can now see the entire room with a 360 degree view..

Should I choose the cheapest one or the premium one?

Now, that is a tricky question. Ultimately, it boils to your budget and your considerations. Cameras with more functionality and features will cost more. Basic ones will be more affordable. But there are certain aspects you may be sacrificing.  The brand and manufacturer also influence the cost of the product you are buying.

When buying online, be careful also with the cheapest ones and scrutinize well. Make sure you buy authentic  ones. Don’t be fooled by the cheapest sale prices as they may be fake or of very poor quality. You can also opt to find the middle ground in terms of cost and features. Remember to always research first. Check the reviews and know the features you are buying.

What else should I consider in choosing a security camera?

Reliability is crucial in purchasing a security camera. Sometimes, the cheapest ones fail in this aspect.  The quality is often sacrificed for cost. The resolution is also not good. Hence, make sure that you consider a brand that is very reliable in terms of quality. After-sales support is also important. Other security cameras are only for one-time transactions. You won’t hear from them again. What if you have a problem after a year? What if you want to upgrade? Or you want to add more cameras?  The problem with getting from online deal sites is after-sales support. Warranty is not even guaranteed.  Hence, it will be wiser to get from authorized and reputable dealers. They may have both physical and online stores. But you can easily locate them if you need help later on.

Common Questions to Ask Before Buying a Security Camera

Are there special features I should consider?

Yes, there are. For example, if you want to place a camera outside your home, make sure your security cam is waterproof. Also, make sure the camera has night vision. Remember burglars usually attack at night. So better have a security camera to visibly see the theft even at pitch black. There is also the heat and motion-sensing technology. This is also a cool feature that sends alerts to the homeowners if the camera detects movements.

Other security cameras also have audio capability. It can hear and record voices.  It may be built-in or bought as a separate attachment. What is interesting in this feature is that you can talk to those inside the home from a remote location. Don’t forget to double-check if the security camera is smart enough to connect to a Wi-fi and a phone app. Thus, even while you’re away, you can still see your house from the app. Just a bit of note on this subject though, the more features or the more high-tech your camera is, the higher the cost.  What I mentioned are only some features. There are many more. Decide on what you need before you buy.

Does brand matter?

Again, this depends on the buyer. Some opt to buy unbranded ones because these are cheaper. While others are more concerned about the brand name and quality. If you were to ask me, I think brands matter. It is better to buy a reputable brand or a camera that comes from an established company.

This way, you know your security camera will not fail you. Note that once you buy a security camera and install it, you tend to forget that later on. You become accustomed to it already. If you are buying a good quality reputable brand, you can be assured that years later, it will still work. For any eventuality, you know that the security camera is still functioning and doing its job.


There are many types of security cameras. These include bullet, dome, and light bulb among many others.  Features also vary.  The types, features, and brand affect cost. Carefully weigh the advantages and disadvantages before you decide on what to buy. If you plan to purchase  a security camera and need help in the selection process, reach out to us at Casa Security.

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