Injured While On Construction Site? Learn What Are The First Things You Should Do

A construction site injury can be frightening at times, to say the least; from falls to burns to deadly dips, nothing about it is fun. Being such an unpredictable hazard, anyone and everyone is at risk. It does not mean you were not careful enough. It does not matter whether you have experience working on construction sites since you were in your twenties till now that you’re in your forties. Injuries are inevitable in this workplace, yes, in these construction sites. 

Injured While On Construction Site

Have you been injured while at work on a construction site? Don’t worsen the injury by rash or irrational actions. Here are the basic steps to take after a construction site accident.

Get Medical Help

The first thing to do when injured on a construction site is to call for a medical emergency. Do this before consulting with legal professionals from Construction Injury Lawyers Perth and also before taking the photo evidence and identifying witnesses. Though these legal practitioners would be very helpful and would definitely be the next line of action especially if you’re in the environs of Perth, Australia; you should secure your life first. Your health is important. Don’t overlook even the slightest injury. Beyond that, you need to undergo a medical check-up to ensure that no further damage is done to your internal system. Seriously, this is not the time to play the hero. Make sure to call emergency services or have a colleague do it on your behalf. Beyond that, your injuries will be put in the record to use when it’s time for the legalities.

Report The Accident To Your Employer

To be eligible for compensation, your employer or supervisor has to know about the incident. Provide them with all the necessary details including the time of the accident, the location, and how it happened. Also, you can include a few pieces of evidence like pictures and let the eyewitnesses present testify to the accident. Most construction site accidents end up in court and require witnesses to make the case have legal standing. 

Hire A Construction Site Attorney 

Depending on the extent of the injury, you can charge your employer to court. In situations where one or two parts of the body stops functioning because of the accident, you are entitled to workers’ compensation as some accidents can result in death, and the company has to shoulder the responsibility of the victim’s family. But the truth is that you need a good personal injury lawyer to advocate for you and ensure that you are duly compensated. Some accidents may not need hiring an attorney. Minor construction site accidents can be settled without the involvement of an attorney. Not everyone is familiar with which type of injury has to involve a construction site accident attorney. If you have one of the injuries mentioned below, make haste to hire an attorney to protect your legal right:

Broken Bones

Call a construction site accident lawyer if you have suffered broken bones while working on a construction site. Broken bones are common injuries in the construction site, but they could have a lasting effect on its victim. For a broken bone, your company is expected to cover the medical fees and pay you for the loss of income. Contact a lawyer to know more about this information. You can also visit VeronBice, they have decades of experience representing injured clients in Lake Charles and throughout Louisiana

Injured While On Construction Site - worker

Neck or spinal injury

From soreness to full paralysis on the neck or spinal area, a construction site lawyer is your go-to professional to help you with the legal process. The injury can be severe enough to cause damage on both sides of your body. If you are lucky, its effect could be on only one side. An attorney will help you calculate the associated costs and ensure that you are not underpaid. 

Burns, Brain, and Head Injury

In construction sites, the workers can be exposed to naked wires and a dangerous chemical that can burn them. Medical practitioners have been able to categorize burns into three different degrees. Depending on the degree of your burn, your company is liable to cover all the costs and give you compensation as determined by the extent of the burns. For head injuries, you need to hire a construction site accident lawyer immediately. Head injury is a critical condition and can lead to death if it is not properly taken care of. Falling from a high tower can cause serious damage to the brain.

You may not have the power to prevent the accident from happening. But you have the power to determine what happens next after the accident. So go ahead and take all the necessary steps.

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