What are the causes of accidents on construction sites?

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You can get injured at almost any job. If you work in an office, you can get a paper cut and subsequent infection, or you might trip over a wayward stapler. If you work as a police officer you could get shot and if you work as a fireman you could run into a burning building and never come out. However, one of the very most dangerous jobs is that of a construction worker.

What are the causes of accidents on construction sites

The construction industry makes an enormous contribution to the country’s economy and it employs over 7 million people. Many of those workers are day laborers and some of them are asked to do work for which they are not necessarily qualified. Construction contracts generally specify a date on which the construction work should be completed. When construction workers are looking to finish a project on time, they may get  a bit sloppy with their work. They may not secure or inspect their equipment properly and this can lead to injuries of both workers and passers-by. there are a few types of accidents that are more common than others.

Trip and Fall accidents

Quite a lot of equipment is used on any construction site. tools that have not been properly secured and spilled fluid can cause a construction worker or a passerby to fall. If a construction site is not properly cleaned, people may fall over debris left from the work.

Unsafe Equipment

Construction equipment can have a fairly complex design. machines will often have a number of moving parts. The more moving parts a piece of equipment has, the more things can go wrong. Hence, construction equipment needs to be regularly inspected and replaced. If the equipment is not maintained properly, it can cause an accident.

It is also important that a person who has the task of operating the equipment be well trained. For example, it takes at least three weeks of school to learn how to operate a crane and operators must be certified. Unscrupulous construction companies may try to save time and money on labor by hiring an untrained person to operate a crane. A mishandled crane may drop its load and kill somebody. if a crane is not set on a flat surface, it will be off-balance and may easily drop whatever it is carrying.

What are the causes of accidents on construction sites - accidents

Lack of PPE and on Site Protection

Any construction worker should wear a hardhat, boots, and ear protection. For abrasive operations, use protective gears like a sandblast helmet to make sure that you’re working well without compromising your respiratory health. Some companies will have you bring your own and others will provide PPE, but they should never let you work without it. The site should also have job-specific protection. If you’re working in a trench, the site should have a shoring system that will prevent the movement of soil. It should also have proper ventilation systems. It is not uncommon for trenches to collapse, suffocating the workers inside.

Electrical Workers should use face shields. there should be on-site electrical testing equipment and they should use safety extension cords and electrical power strips at all times. You can read more about accident causes here. If you are injured while working on a construction site, Workers’ Compensation should cover your injuries. However, there may be many contractors and subcontractors on any given site, and knowing who to file your worker’s compensation claim with can be confusing. Be sure to notify your immediate supervisor of injuries and go to the doctor right away. If you are a passerby who is injured, you should get the name of the site manager. If you find it difficult to get proper compensation for your injuries or if you’ve lost a loved one to a construction accident, you should contact a personal injury attorney who can get you the money you deserve.

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