5 Steps for Indoor House Fly Control

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Flies appear to have the ability to live anywhere in the world. This means you’re going to have to learn to either live with them or deal with them in some form or another.

5 Steps for Indoor House Fly Control

Of course, flies are known to carry as many as 65 different diseases, some of which can give you serious health issues. That’s why it is important to take these 5 steps to ensure you have indoor house fly control:

  1. The Electrical Option

You’ve probably already seen the insect zappers that hang on the walls and attract flies, killing them with a small electric shock. But, take this up a level and you can get a led fly control device. This uses LED lights to attract flies and kill them. This is much more energy-efficient than the fly zappers. These LED lamps are designed to last for 3 years and can even be directed towards the direction the flies are most likely to come from.

  1. Cleaning Up

The biggest step you can take to reduce the fly attraction is to make sure your home is clean. Flies land on waste and eat this, producing waste at the same time. Animal waste in your garden will attract flies, make sure you clean it up. Food left on the countertop will also attract flies, and the rubbish in your bins can have the same effect.

In short, use an antibacterial spray to wipe down your sides and make sure the bins are sealed at all times. When you remove the rubbish it is important to seal the bag and take it as far away from your home as possible, this will ensure the flies are not attracted to your home.

  1. Water

Water is essential for flies to survive, standing water also attracts mosquitoes as they need this to breed. You need to pick up pet water, only putting it down when your pets need it. You should also check that there are no leaks around your home or that water is not sitting in your gutters. Any standing water will attract flies, removing this makes it very difficult for the flies to survive, which means they are likely to go somewhere else.

  1. Screens

Flies can get into your home through gaps around your windows, doors, and through open windows. You need to use fly screens on all entry points, these will allow you to get fresh air in your home and keep the flies out. If the temperature is hot and you need to keep your doors open then consider using fly screens on the doors as well, and self-closers, this will keep the flies away.

  1. Extra Options

It’s worth having fly swatters in your home, they won’t eliminate an infestation, but they will help you deal with individual flies. You can also use flypaper and even create fly traps using decomposing food, or something else that is sweet. It’s worth noting that chemically controlling the flies is an option but you need to be wary about where you use the fly spray, you don’t want it getting in your own food.

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