House Cleaning: Area That You’ve Probably Forgotten About

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You try and keep your home squeaky clean always. After you are done with the laundry and the piling dishes, cleaned the floors and other obvious areas, you enjoy great satisfaction knowing that your house cleaning job is completed to perfection.

House Cleaning Area That You’ve Probably Forgotten About

The reality however is, your house cleaning is not properly complete as there likely are some areas that you have missed. Is it really possible? Well, learn about these areas and then decide for yourself.

What lies underneath the furniture?

So, you have dusted and vacuum-cleaned your furniture and according to you, you have done it in the most perfect manner. But have you ever thought about the dust accumulating underneath your bed or sofa, and other furniture pieces? Your answer likely is, No. If you now bend down and have a look of what’s lying underneath the furniture you will be shocked.

Now, use a dusting wand or a vacuum to get rid of the grime, dust and spider eggs that have been accumulating since long, and repeat this at least once a month.

Consider the hard to reach places too

Just cleaning the doors and inside your cabinet box is not enough, lots of dust lies to be cleaned on the tops as well. In fact, these areas collect more dust than the interiors as they are often left ignored. So, make it a point to check and clean the top of the tall storage and kitchen cabinets, door frames, and also picture frames.

When you are cleaning there, also check the ceiling fans and light fixtures. A disposable duster which comes with an extendable handle can prove to be helpful in cleaning the spider webs and capturing dust. Even if you do not have one, no worries, you can instead secure a microfiber cloth to a mop or broom handle with the help of a rubber band, and then continue cleaning.

House Cleaning Area That You’ve Probably Forgotten About - cleaning lady

Give your walls a careful observation

Grime and dust can easily cling to the horizontal as well as vertical surfaces. Turn on all your room’s lights and also open the blinds or curtains and carefully observe the condition of your walls. Your walls likely are covered with dust and if you have textured wallpapers then the condition is probably worse.

You can use a duster and start cleaning the walls beginning from the top. Though you can do the job yourself, but Propel Pressure Cleaning will surely do it in a much better way. Knowing the right methods and having the right equipment and cleaning products will make sure the job will be completed in a perfect manner. It saves you both time and efforts which can be invested in doing other important things.

Your closet floors need cleaning also

Clothes have piled up in your closet and they tend to fall as soon as you open the door. This signifies you need to clean your closet, which you perhaps occasionally do. But had you ever bothered about cleaning the closet floor? Closet floors, particularly if they are carpeted, can become very dirty and can be the perfect breeding places for insects, mold, and mildew, which can also affect your clothes.

Before it is too late, take everything out of your closet and clean it properly, concentrating more on the floors. If you find anything in the process that you do not need, donate them, and help make your wardrobe look spacious and neat.

You surely must be surprised thinking of how you have missed these spots so long. No worries, it is never too late, and you can start cleaning these areas right away. Make sure to give importance to these spots on a regular basis and then you can proudly say your entire house is indeed squeaky clean.

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