How to Improve the First Impression of Your Office

People tend to make the first impression in just a matter of seconds and once the first impression has been made, it is really hard to change it. Whether it is a person, a place, or anything else, once the first impression has been made, it will inform every interaction of that person with the place or person.

How to Improve the First Impression of Your Office

That’s why it is important to create a positive first impression of your office. What the first thing a person sees when they enter your office is will have a lot of impact on their first impression. You can say that the image of your company should be summed up by your office.

The Reception Area

Whether it is a client or a business partner, leaving a good impression starts with the entrance to your office and the reception area. Make sure that the door of your company is presentable and clearly marked with your company’s name and logo to ensure that they have no problem finding your office in an office building. Some businesses even choose to install personalized LED signs of their logo in bold and bright colours.

Once they enter, they should be greeted by a reception table and a person who can instruct them and answer any questions they may have. If they need to wait, they should offer them a seat and possibly a drink while they wait.

Waiting Lounge

If you have clients or business partners visiting frequently, you need a designated place for them to wait. Most such offices have a waiting lounge with comfortable seating, a table and possibly some kind of entertainment like a TV or magazines.

The lobby or lounge furniture and décor should be clean and not clash with the rest of your office in order to give your clients the sense of calm and what let them know what they can expect.

Conference Room

Once you actually take a meeting with the client, it would be ideal to have a designated space for that – a conference room. When it comes to conference rooms, minimalism is probably the best way to go, but it should not transition into a Spartan design.

You want everyone to be focused on the meeting itself, so you don’t need anything more than a table and chairs and possibly a whiteboard if you find it useful. Make sure to display your company’s name and logo somewhere in the room, as it shows confidence and pride in your brand and name.

How to improve the first impression of your office - conference room

Storage Room

Every office needs to have a storage space both for office supplies and for the files that need to be stored. However, this room should not be accessible to outsiders, mostly for security reasons, but also because these rooms tend to be less presentable than the rest of the office. Make sure that you properly label the room and keep it under lock and key if necessary.

Your Office

If you are the CEO or the manager of the office, you need to have the office which reflects your position. Make sure that you have a desk which is big enough for everything you need as well as a comfortable and functional chair. The colors associated with leadership and control tend to be a bit darker, so something like mahogany and black or dark brown leather seem like a good combination.

If you take visitors and clients into your office, you need to have seating available for them as well. Some people solve this problem by adding an additional table and a sofa, whereas others simply add one or two comfortable chairs on the opposite side of their work desk.

If you follow these suggestions, your office will leave a good first impression on your visitors, and the rest is up to you.

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