How to maintain commercial playground

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Commercial playgrounds and parks are an excellent place to go and spend time with your family. They are also good for enjoying fresh air together in the outdoors. If these areas are not taken care of and kept clean, they can be an eyesore to look at and can even cause health problems to the people that frequent them.

How to maintain commercial playground

A good way to keep the commercial playgrounds clean so that people can come and enjoy themselves is by gathering a cleanup with the community members. The tips below will help you do a good deed for the community, mobilize people to volunteer to clean up the playground and they will also help people know what you plan on doing.


Because you want to keep the playground clean, you should even consider cleaning the surrounding areas because there is no point in cleaning only your space then the adjacent area is filled with trash. Is your playground located next to a river or a place that people litter a lot? The reason you need to concentrate on one location when cleaning up, to start with, is so that you don’t feel tired and overwhelmed. You also don’t want the people who are helping you clean to get tired quickly and give up. Wherever you decide to start, make sure that there is a washroom for people to help themselves. The volunteers want to feel like their time and effort is appreciated. So, make sure that you divide the work appropriately.

Ask for Permission

If you’re going to clean up a playground that you don’t own, it is essential to get permission in writing from the owner of the property. If you don’t know who the owner is, you might have to check the local records of people who own land in your area. If it is a public site, you can request for permission from a government official and inform them of your plans. They will be able to tell you the kinds of licenses needed, the help you will need and what is available, and also the regulations put in place. Be specific about what it is you want to do.

Pick a Date

Once you decide you want to clean up a commercial playground, pick the date when you want it to happen. Usually, weekends are the best times for the many projects that are happening in the community because it will allow the volunteers to take time off their work or school to come and assist. Start planning, usually a month ahead of the date you will settle on so that you and your team can prepare early. If it is a full day event, carry some refreshments or snacks.

How to maintain commercial playground - small playground

Find Volunteers

Start looking for people to assist you. Talk to your friends, family and community members and inform them of what you want to do. Reach out to people who live close to the playground because they probably are the ones that use it most. To begin with, you will only need a small number of volunteers. But once people see the changes you are making, you will attract a larger crowd of people who want to help.

Follow Up

Once the day of the cleanup arrives, remember to take photos before you start and pictures afterward. You can write an article with the pictures then share them to your local newspapers to inspire other people to take the initiative in keeping their community clean.

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