Smart Ideas for Organizing Your Kitchen Coffee Bar 

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Are you a serious coffee enthusiast who’s not happy with Starbucks coffee on his way to work? Well, the good thing is you can make a nice kitchen (or dining room) coffee bar that will fit your needs to the T and add your home that chic flair of your favorite coffee shop.

Smart Ideas for Organizing Your Kitchen Coffee Bar 

Here’s what you need for this little DIY project.

Make counter space for your coffee obsession

Something fast and compact like a Keurig will fit perfectly on your kitchen counter. This type of coffee maker only requires water and K-cups to brew some java, so you won’t need too much space. You can hang some hooks for your cups and add a few pieces of playful décor and you’ll have a nice coffee station that’s tidy and attractive. If you don’t have any storage to hide your supplies, grab a placemat or a tray and create a little coffee-making area that feels intentional instead of improvised. If you prefer espresso from a machine than you should use Breville espresso machine but it is  very important to pay extra attention to  breville espresso machine cleaning.

Grab a simple sideboard

In case your kitchen can’t handle another appliance, you can carve out a small space in your living room or dining area. Just hit your local thrift shop and pick out a nice sideboard that will serve as your coffee bar. This way, you’ll save a lot of space in your kitchen and stay close as you offer guests a fresh cup of joe. Choose something with drawers of cabinets for extra mugs and stirrers while you display your prettiest items on a mug tree.

Equip it with some good gear

Your home coffee bar doesn’t need anything super expensive, no matter how snobbish you are when it comes to your coffee. All you need is a good coffee maker, like a Keurig or a Nespresso maker, depending on your tastes. These look pretty amazing and can be used both as décor and your coffee makers. If you want something a little more sophisticated, garb a cold brew coffee maker and a quality grinder to blitz your fresh beans. If you’re not sure of your equipment, check out FriedCoffee and search for reviews, comparisons and guides to different coffee making procedures, gear and different beans.

Smart Ideas for Organizing Your Kitchen Coffee Bar - amazing bar

Add a few cups 

If you’re short on space, you can display your cups on little hooks or install a few floating shelves. Don’t put too many cups though. There’s a huge possibility that you already have a favorite cup that you use all the time (everyone else in the family has one too) so don’t just take up counter space and add clutter. If you don’t want to go miss-matched with your cups, you can ditch your old cups and invest in timeless glass coffee mugs and cups. These are perfect for everything from espressos to Irish coffee and iced coffee, so they will always come in handy. If you don’t want to go miss-matched with your cups, you can ditch your old cups and invest in timeless glass coffee mugs, or if you’re environmentally conscious, you could store takeaway coffee cups for when you’re on the run.

Invest in a few mason jars 

Stations like these can often get cluttered pretty quickly and easily, so make sure to organize your space with mason jars. These have a very neutral look and can hold anything from your pods and beans to sugar, cookies and spoons. In case you don’t have any storage near to hide your supplies, these jars will be real lifesavers.

Finish with a few decorative touches 

No matter if you’re a bachelor or a dad of three, you’re never too good or too manly for some decoration. Depending on your style, you can add a chalkboard and doodle some cartoons or quotes or grab vintage metal sign with cool coffee motives. For some inspiration check out the best free coffee svgs. If you need to freshen up the vibe around your coffee bar, a small plant or a vibrant piece of art will break the monotony and allow you space to really pop.

With a kitchen coffee bar like yours, you will never have to waste money on overpriced coffee or wait in line with annoyed commuters. You’ll have your private coffee heaven right in your kitchen!

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