How to Use PS2 ROMs?

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If you are a fan of retro games, you probably have already heard the term “PS2 ROMs”. However, some gamers still don’t know how to run old-classic games when they don’t have a gaming console at hand. In this insightful review, we’ll take a deeper look at the main tools needed to run old classic games on modern devices. We’ll analyze the main tools needed and provide you with a few pieces of advice on how to properly use them.

How to Use PS2 ROMs

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Overview of the Most Exciting PS2 Games

The PlayStation 2 is not offered for sale anymore. The thing is that this gaming console was released 22 years ago. In 2013, Sony announced that this gaming device had been discontinued. Surely, today we all have access to newer versions of the PS console but what if you are eager to play the games that were developed specifically for this version? This is where you simply can’t do without PS2 ROMs. But first things first. Let’s list the best games that were developed specifically for this console:

  • God of War
  • Resident Evil 4
  • Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts 2
  • Jak and Daxter
  • Gran Turismo 4
  • Tekken 5.

All these game titles have the highest rating among users. Of course, they were popular 10 years ago, but if you wish to go back in time, you can still get your hands on these games. New consoles hit the market regularly but this doesn’t mean that these game titles fall into oblivion. They are still alive! So far, all these games are stored in the format of ROMs. All that you have to do is to download your favorite game titles on your device and run them on your computer. Go to, a reputable online venue where you can find a massive collection of tools needed for retro gaming. ROMs, emulators, ISOs, Bios files – all these tools will surely help you open the doors to retro gaming.

How to Use PS2 ROMs - PS emulator

How to Run ROMs on Your Computer?

Gradually, we are moving to the most interesting section of our review – how to properly run ROMs on your computer if you don’t have a gaming console at hand? Is it possible to do this? Definitely! All that you need to do is to download a suitable emulator compatible with the operating system of your device. Let’s get back to basics. An emulator is a program that imitates the work of a gaming console. It doesn’t take too much space on your device but allows you to run a massive collection of retro games even if you don’t have a gaming console at hand. Your goal is to choose the one that works for you best of all. All these tools guarantee immersive sound effects and realistic graphics. However, you need to make sure that the chosen emulator is compatible with the operating system of your mobile device or computer.

Let’s briefly review some of the most popular emulators:

  • The VGS PS2 emulator – a trusted emulator for Mac-based devices.
  • PSX emulator – a trusted tool that has the highest rating on the web. This program gets updates on an ongoing basis. Plus, it guarantees a superb gaming experience and blowing sound effects.
  • RetroArch – a trusted and multi-featured emulator, suitable for both Mac and Windows-based devices.
  • Dolphin – another emulator that comes with a set of cool emulating features.

Overall, these tools have the highest rating on the web. So, choose the one you like, suitable ROMs, and immerse yourself in the gameplay right away!

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