The Role Of Strong Network Connectivity In Online Gaming: An Analysis

Imagine you are playing the Game Of PUBG! You have shown some of the great plays in the whole match. Now, you are in the final circle of the game. You spot the enemy first and start shooting. Luckily, the enemy is not moving! You shoot and…….wait what, how come you died! OHH… you only realized that it was your game which was frozen all this time. This can be so frustrating. A winning game ends up losing it because of poor internet connection. And this is not the last of the problems!

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Anyone who plays online video games will agree to the fact that fast internet speed is important for a better gaming experience. Slow or fluctuating internet speed can be so frustrating that some gamers quit playing games.

The Role Of Strong Internet Connection In Online Gaming

It’s a popular opinion where people say that online video games make people violent. Well – It’s not the video games that make people violent, but the experience due to slow internet connection. To run such high-end games, your devices must pack decent hardware – that’s true – but you also need a stable, strong, and fast internet connection. While many games do realize that they need fast internet speed to play online video games, many don’t realize its importance. Perhaps the following will help you understand.

1. Avoid Jitters & Lags

If you are a prominent online gamer, at some point in your gaming session, you must have experienced a little screen shaking or lag in your action. If you can relate to what we are saying, packet loss happens. Packet loss here means that data transmission to the servers slows down, which makes your movement in the gamer sluggish. A faster internet connection delivers a steady amount of bandwidth, eliminating glitches and lowering your ping.

2. Avoid Disconnection Of The Game

It is one of the major problems of online games – Your game suddenly disconnects and throws you out of the game. This happened because your internet became so slow that the game could progress any further. To avoid severe gaming glitches, the game shuts down itself. As if this doesn’t ruin the gaming experience. With the high-speed internet connection, you can ensure your games are connected to the server all the time, and you can enjoy your peaceful gaming.

3. For Better Gaming Experience

A high-speed internet connection is essential for an excellent overall gaming experience. Whether we’re talking about downloading games or connecting them to the server, a high-speed internet connection ensures everything goes smoothly. Talking about downloading games, if you want to download games for free, click here.

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4. Makes You Wait For The Game To Continue

Have you ever noticed how your friends enter the game faster than you while your game spends most of its time loading and processing the games? This happens because of a slow internet connection. Due to the slow internet connection, communication with the server is slow, and sharing of data takes time.

5. Game Freezes

This was what we were talking about at the start of the article. While you’re playing, suddenly, your character stops making any moves. You can neither control your character nor go into the setting. This usually happens when your game’s connection with the server is severed. It’s a common occurrence for players with a slow internet connection. In fact, it is because of the game freezing up on players; most players lose an easy win game.

So, What Can We Do About It?

Now, you cannot suddenly wave your magic wand and boost your internet speed.

You can do one thing out of the two:

  • Subscribe for wider internet bandwidth.
  • Or limit your application while playing games.

Both methods work fine. The first option is quite simple. The real problem is the second option. If you cannot afford to upgrade your plan, the second one is the only option. Before you start playing games on your devices, ensure that your application running in the background is closed, clear your cache memory and RAM to free up some gaming space. Also, don’t neglect the cooling system of your gaming PC or otherwise your computer can overheat in the middle of the game. Hopefully, this will help you give the internet speed you need for your gaming.

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