How To Stay Comfortable And Happy Despite Your Disability

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A disability never has and never will define you. You are strong, you are important and you are appreciated. It is unfortunate that some within society will choose to look down on those who do not meet their expectation of health and wellness. The harsh judgment of each other is running rampant.

How To Stay Comfortable And Happy Despite Your Disability

Despite these challenges that you may have faced many times in your life, there is still hope to get comfortable in your skin and to live a happy and fulfilling life.

Own Your Own Home

Yes, you can! Don’t think that because you’re confined to a wheelchair, life has to stop. Oh, no. Take back your independence. It is true you may no longer be able to be fully self-sufficient in a homemade for people who have no disability but specialist disability accommodation does exist. From start to finish, professionals at Sana Living are with you. Choose accommodation from any pre-constructed homes. If none of those meets your needs, with your input, a home will be constructed to your requirements. They will work with you in sorting out your NDIS application and will be with you until your lease is signed.

Freely Experience Your Emotions

There is a tendency for many people to bottle up negative emotions. But it is essential to move through the stages of grief, anger, and acceptance. By no means is this a linear process. You may feel upbeat and positive one day and slip back into anxiety the next. Don’t beat yourself up. This fluctuation of feelings is normal. The destructive aspect comes when you try to manipulate your feelings or lie to yourself about what you feel. Be honest with yourself and those you love. They can be a major support system for you.

How To Stay Comfortable And Happy Despite Your Disability - wheelchair

Focus On The Present

Worry less about the future. If your gaze is always set to some time to come, you miss out on life as it happens. Train your mind to be positive if this does not come naturally to you. Doing some form of rehabilitation, then go day by day and be happy for the progress you make no matter how small. Stressing on the end result you want some months or years down the line will only serve to discourage you if things do not move as quickly as you like. Take one day at a time.

Be a cheerleader for yourself if no one else has adopted that role. Make a concerted effort to find the good in your situation just as it is. As long as you have breath, you have a chance to make a change. Your situation may seem dismal but keep hope in your heart. Whatever your disability is, it is not a death sentence. It may slow you down for a while but it will not stop you. Many persons living with disabilities today are happy, independent, and thriving. There is no reason this cannot be your outcome. There are organizations dedicated to making your life meaningful. It does have to start with you though. Take the reins of your life and never look back.

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