Bench made out of wood pallets

An old wooden pallet can become a beautiful bench in just one afternoon. All you need is an old wooden pallet, four pieces of 2×4 to use for the legs and some basic tools. This simple guide to making a bench out of pallets can be followed even by absolute beginners in DIY and woodworking.

finished bench out of wooden pallets

Just follow these few simple steps and you will have a beautiful bench made out of wood pallets for your hall, balcony or patio.

1. Cutting

Use the hand saw or the jig saw to cut the palette in two pieces in 1/3 and 2/3 ratio as shown on the picture below. Pay attention to cut on 1/3 of the palette because you will use the smaller part for the back and the bigger part for the seat. Cut four pieces of 2×4 for the legs of the bench. The length of the legs determines the height of the future bench, we recommend 24 inches.

cutting the pallets for a bench

2. Attaching the legs

Turn the bigger part of the pallet upside down and use the metal corner brace to  assemble the legs on the corners as shown on the picture below. Also it is better to use the plate corner brace to reinforce the legs on the other side. It is very important to use only the wood screws designed specially for wood, using screws not intended for wood will lead to unstable final product!

assembling the legs of DIY pallet bench
reinforcing the legs

3. Attaching the back

Turn the bench on side and use the plate corner braces to attach the back of the bench. Then put the bench back into position and reinforce it on the front side with the metal corner brace and the bench is finished.

attaching the back of the pallet bench
reinforcing the back of the bench

4. Preparing and painting

Inspect the surfaces of your new bench and fill the gaps and holes with the wood filler using the putty knife. Then let the surface to dry for about two hours  and then sand the whole surface with the sander and wipe the surface. Then paint the surface with the paint brush and two coates of latex paint. The final product is astonishing and the best of all it is almost free!

filling the gaps and sanding a DIY bench
painting the bench out of wooden pallets

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1 thought on “Bench made out of wood pallets”

  1. Byron van der Merwe London Handyman

    I really like this. I have a few mates who have made some dining room tables from pallets. It’s amazing what you can do with things you can get for free.

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