How Much Does It Cost To Have Your Air Conditioner Serviced?

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If you are looking at a bill of more than $150-$200 in your hand then either you have multiple air conditioners installed or you did what the maximum of the procrastinators do, waiting years until the air conditioner finally stops working. And now you regret the past years when you could get it serviced at a reasonable rate.

How Much Does It Cost To Have Your Air Conditioner Serviced

This is the story of almost half of the earth’s population.

Average costs of aircon services

If you are an annual servicing person, then for you, the cost each year would fluctuate around $75 -$200. That is if you only go for the basic service. But if you include what to get the other high tech perks as well, like chemical cleaning, fan cleaning, replacing,  maintenance, repair, etc., to it, then the cost rounds up to $150- $500. If you want to get the best deal you should consider to get your aircond serviced by Acontech.

Other special services

Many services can do the job and may charge by the hour; some are cheap, some are expensive, and the maximum is the average market rates, but getting it done by a reliable aircon servicing in Singapore is better. This is where you might get a professional HVAC technician to look into your air conditioner, adding another $50 or so to your bill.

Basic cost per unit of aircon:

These are the average market rates for aircons, according to the number of units and condensers:

1 Unit: $50– $50

2 Units: $50– $50

3 Units: $50 – $50

4 Units:  $50 – $60

5 Unit: $60– $80

6 Units: $16 – $20 per unit

How Much Does It Cost To Have Your Air Conditioner Serviced - servicing

What does a $150 aircon service include:

The aircon servicing in Singapore provides two types of basic servicing;

Wall Mount

–           Deeply cleaning the aircon surface and also checking the filter

–           Opening the aircon enough to better clean the indoor unit and drain pans

–           Making sure to extensively Clean the air conditioning evaporator coil

–           Efficient flushing of the drainage system

–           Checking for any air bearing that might be a problem to fix

–           Make sure everything is back in position, running, and good as new.

Ceiling Cassette

–           Thorough cleaning and checking of filter

–           Flushing the drainage system

–           Checking of the fan bearing, making any noise.

–           Vacuuming the drainage pump extensively.

–           After cleaning and checking, make sure the aircon works better than before.

Should a yearly service charge this much?

It is a fair charge for all the years of service, making it brand new for the next year. A maximum of $100 will be your yearly cost if you put in the effort of making sure you get it serviced every year as a routine. When you take care of your appliances, such as the aircon, they last for many years. Otherwise, the dust clogs and blocks the filters and decreases the cooling, eventually making it rust and burn one day.


You must keep your aircons in shape and well serviced. Making sure that things mainly providing are comfortable, are in shape to work next year. We should avoid procrastination and make a priority list for ourselves before it takes a toll on us.  

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