4 Signs You Need a Better Drainage System

A faulty drainage system can wreak havoc on your home and can cause serious structural problems. Suppose a defective drainage system is left unrepaired. In that case, it can form stagnant pools in the basement of your home, between the walls, or in your backyard, which provide breeding grounds for disease, bacteria, and infection. If your household waste, which may contain pathogens, is allowed to stagnate, disease risk triples. A faulty drainage system can also result in flooding and property loss; flooding can damage your water supply and cause serious plumbing problems in your home, as well as structural and cosmetic.

4 Signs You Need a Better Drainage System

This page will hope to tell you four signs that you need a better drainage system. Here they are.

Expert Opinion

If you believe that you have a problem with your drainage system, you should always call in a plumber and ask for their opinion; an expert’s opinion can reduce the risk of structural damage being caused to your home. The professional developers of the Hydro Dynamics irrigation system explain that improper drainage can cause leakage, which further causes structural damage to your home, as well as a loss of personal goods and cosmetic damage. For these reasons alone, it is essential you seek the aid of a licensed plumber to investigate your drainage system.

Signs You May Need a Better Drainage System

If your drainage system is on the fritz, there are a few tell-tale signs. Below you can find those signs:

Slow-Flowing Water

One of the first problems to arise, when there is a drainage problem somewhere in your system, is slow-flowing water. It is also something that is ignored by many people to the detriment of their drainage system. Slow-flowing water seldom fixes itself and, in fact, usually is the catalyst for much larger problems and is indicative of a drainage failure. If you notice slow-flowing water, you must immediately tend to it, lest it grows worse.

4 Signs You Need a Better Drainage System - drainage system

Drain Flooding

Your drains flooding is an obvious sign you have a problem with your drainage system. Drain flooding can range from virtually unnoticeable to a full-on flood. If you notice that water is beginning to pool in your sinks or toilets and is not going down immediately, then you likely have a blockage further down your drain, which is leading to flooding. This can grow much worse if not attended to immediately, so at the first sign of any pooling or flooding, contact a professional and licensed plumber. Foul odours coming from your drain pipes are another sign indicative of a blockage in your drainpipe. This smell is usually festering food waste that has become blocked and trapped in your drainpipe. At the first sign of a foul odour, call a plumber.

Burst Pipes

Burst pipes will often be the last thing to occur and will be the most damaging to your home; a burst pipe will happen suddenly and usually at the worst time imaginable. If a burst pipe is not dealt with immediately, it can lead to your entire home becoming flooded. Now, with the help of this page, you know when to call a plumber and when you may have a blockage in your drainpipe. Your drainage system is a critical, frequently overlooked part of your home, and one you must ensure is in good condition all year round.

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