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The finishing touches required for any house are what can make or break the final look of the house. One of the last yet seemingly insignificant of these is the paint job. A good paint job is essential to give a neat and clean look to the structure. It can make the house look either pristine or sloppy, all depending on the quality of the work. Hence a very important worker for any construction company is the house painter.

House Painters Tips

A qualified house painter can bring the walls to life through his skillful application of a mere coat of paint. On the opposite end of the spectrum, even the most expensive of paints in the hands of an inexperienced worker will not be able to rescue the walls.

Skills of an accomplished house painter

The skill of the house painter depends upon multiple factors, not just the dexterity of his brush strokes.

Physical Fitness

This primarily being a job which requires a certain degree of physical exertion, what with the climbing up and down of ladders, the constant use of the arms while painting, and the need for a great sense of balance, physical fitness is a must for any house painter. Some jobs may require him to move heavy furniture, while others may present the need for moving supplies up and down. All this cannot be achieved if the painter is not physically fit.

Knowledge of Material and Equipment

Another important requirement for any competent house painter is a comprehensive knowledge of the different types of paints, tools, and equipment required for different surfaces. Even the requirements of the interior of any building differ from what is needed by the exterior of the same building. Not every surface calls for the same material or tools. Some will adapt better to brushes, while others will bebest covered using rollers. It’s all part of the skill and acumen mandatory for a good house painter.

Understanding Surfaces

This means that the house painter must also be aware of how to prepare surfaces properly for an effective paint job. Moreover, not all surfaces will need just a coat of paint; some would have to be sanded, brushed, or primed before the actual application of paint can even start. In older buildings, this includes removing the old paint, fixing any holes or dents in the wall, or even washing the walls before the actual paint job can commence. The variety of surfaces modern trends in construction offer can sometimes result in an assortment of paint jobs required to finish even one single house.

House Painters Tips - painting

Perfection of Technique

Also, the painter needs to be as precise as possible in his mixing of paints. Each type of paint has to be mixed in a particular ratio. After this has been achieved, the house painter needs to become a gentle yet calculating maestro. He needs to apply just the perfect amount of paint using the correct strokes to ensure that no unevenness is left on the surface. He needs to be focused on the tiny details, making sure the edges and corners are neatly done to provide a crisp and clean finish to the whole interior painting project.

Knowledge of New Trends

With the fast-changing nature of this world in view, an accomplished housepainter needs to stay in touch with new techniques and trends. Nowadays, walls are being used as a décor statement, and painters need to be able to understand the ways of creating different textures, designs and looks efficiently. While for some jobs, just the use of a variety of brush strokes will be sufficient; others may just require the use of stenciling. However, there will be those jobs that will need more complicated techniques to be put in to use.

Customer Service Skills

A good house painter’s first requirement when landing a job will undoubtedly be his excellent customer service skills. To be able to communicate with the client, to be able to understand what the client needs, and to be able to convince the client that he is actually capable of providing those services are some of the things any accomplished house painter needs to learn firsthand. The customer may require changes to the color or want additional touches before he/she is satisfied. Hence the painter will need to understand how to ensure that the job is completed to meet the client’s approval.

Time Management

Apart from the above-mentioned skills, the house painter will need to have the ability to quickly and efficiently work to meet deadlines and complete the project within a stipulated time frame. He will have to settle the required time frame with the customer at the start of the paint job, and then work to meet this target.

Basically, while the job of a house painter may seem fairly straightforward, it is one which requires skills, and hence is equally rewarding for the house painter.

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