5 Key Decorating Tips to Make Any Home Better

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If you are looking to design or decorate a new home or make an old one look better, it will interest you to know that there is no golden rule to it. Tips for decorating a home are not cast on stone, a tip that works for one might not work for another scenario.  The human mind is creative and loves to explore, rather than limiting these imaginative minds to rules on a book why not allow it to explore greater frontiers. However, there are some general principles to follow if you are to make the most out of the power of your mind.

5 Key Decorating Tips to Make Any Home Better

In this short article we have listed, 5 key tips to decorating any home. These tips will instantly uplift the design aesthetics of any environment. Do have a good read:

Pick the Paint Color Last

One general mistake most home designers make is picking the paint color before they move in. This should be the last thing you do and not the other way round. Yes, we get it, you want to arrive in the home with fresh paint on the wall that gives the home a uniquely new appearance.

Be advised that light sources vary from home to home and paints come in different shades, tones and tints.  What it means is that a paint that looks good in your current home may look awful in another place. What you should rather aim for is the right paint that best fits your upholstery, rugs and artworks.

Allow some space for furniture

Overcrowding a room is not attractive. You need enough space to maneuver past furniture with ease. If you are working on a budget, it’s better to spend on fewer quality pieces than filling the whole room with junk. Your home will look far better in high-end chairs than when stuffed with gills you find in a flea market.

Hang Artwork in a proper height

In museums and art galleries, artworks are hanged in approximately 57 inches to 60 inches above the ground level. You should do the same in your home because the average human eye level is about 57 inches high. The height of the artworks needs to resonate with the human scale and not the height of your ceilings. So don’t be carried away by how high your ceilings are. Stick to the recommended human scale standard. Use a tall paint to fill a vacant spot if need be or take a picture and merge it with artwork from Photoshop to see how good it looks.

Arranging furniture on a rug

Follow the three tips listed below to arrange furniture on a rug:

On All: To place furniture on most part of the rug, bigger is better. Placing all of the furniture legs on the rug creates a luxurious feel but be sure to leave approximately  12-18 inches of floor surfaces at all sides of the rug.

All Off: If you have a smaller room, keep all furniture legs off the rug. Arranging furniture this way, ensures that the rug almost touches the front legs.

Front on: To create a visually appealing furniture setting, place the front legs of each piece on the rug. This should create a well-defined spatial arrangement and a feeling of openness.

5 Key Decorating Tips to Make Any Home Better - rug

Don’t go all theme-y with design

Resist the urge to design your home after a particular theme. Although, some themes are cool, try as much as possible to minimize it to the barest minimum. Themes are very popular and don’t give your home design that individualistic brilliance it needs.

On that note

These five tips are not all there is, but they are the basics. Find a focal point or choose a star to anchor your designs around.  By doing this, you allow your some designs to take a secondary role to complement primary designs. You should know that not everything needs to take a leading role, some items for your home will have more design use-cases than others.

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