4 things you need to know about home improvement tools

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4 things you need to know about home improvement tools

From repainting walls, plumbing repairs to lighting fixture replacements, there are many minor home improvement projects that you can do without the help of a hired technician. However, you need to have the necessary tools and basic idea on how to go about each project. Besides, there are several things you ought to know about home improvement tools. Read on these four things that you should now.

1. You can start with the basic ones

There are very many home improvement tools as you can see on Tool Tally. However, since you can’t acquire all of them on the spot, it is advisable to start with basic ones which are suitable for minor maintenance projects.  First and foremost, you need to have a tool box where you’ll be keeping your tools for secure and safe storage. A hammer is also a basic tool. With it, you’ll be able to remove stubborn nails and band furniture frames into position easily.

A screwdriver is another handy tool as with it, projects that involves screwing such as opening sealed paint cans, hanging curtain rods and installing light receptacle covers become much easier.  Other essential tools include a plunger for unclogging sinks and toilets, a flashlight for lighting low-visibility places, a duct tape of temporary fixes and a utility knife for cutting wood and cardboard, among other materials.

2. Some power tools are corded and others cordless

Some home improvement tools such as power screwdriver, table saw, belt sander, router and wall chaser are powered by an extra power source or mechanism in addition the manual power you exert.  While some of the power tools are corded, others are cordless. Although the corded ones are more powerful, their major drawback as compared to the cordless is that they must be used near a power source.

On the other hand, cordless tools can be used anywhere even where there’s no external power source as they use internal batteries. On the downside, cordless tools struggle to do heavy duty jobs. Therefore, if you are considering buying a hard working tool such as a circular saw, sander or angle grinder, a corded one will a better option. For smaller tools like drills and impact drivers, a cordless one will be a better option since they are light-duty and so, their batteries will offer sufficient power for the light tasks they are designed to perform.
4 things you need to know about home improvement tools - tools

3. Brushless tools are power-efficient

Some power tools have brushed motors while the motors in others are brushless. In a brushless tool, the amount power drawn from the batteries is dependent on the difficulty of the task at hand, if the work is simple, the power drawn will be little and vice versa.

On the contrary, a brushed tool functions at a full speed regardless of the work being done and so, the energy usage is constant. Therefore, a fully charged battery in a brushed tool last shorter as compared to a brushless counterpart.

4. Lithium-ion powered tools are better

Lithium-ion battery technology has stolen much of the dominance that had NiCad enjoyed for many years in cordless power tools. The majority of the home improvement tools produced nowadays are powered by Lithium-ion batteries. The newer technology has lots of advantages than NiCad. First, Lithium-ion batteries are lighter and this makes tools running on the technology lighter and so, more easily portable. Besides, unlike the earlier batteries which have to drain completely before being charged, Li-ion batteries can be charged any time, thus more convenient use.

Hopefully, you are a notch wiser as far as home improvement tools. Make sure you consider these four things next time you are buying the tools.

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