Home Ideas on How to Renovate Your Bathroom

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The average person spends about 182 hours per year in the bathroom. And that’s not accounting for many of us who take those extra long showers or forever baths. So you would certainly want a nice bathroom. Renovating a bathroom can be daunting and a bit costly, so you want to get it right. With a little bit of planning, it can be easy-peasy or nearly. Let’s generate some ideas for you here, so you can get started.

Home Ideas on How to Renovate Your Bathroom


That’s the first thing that has to go hands-down. Choices in tiles are overwhelming, so here’s a breakdown of some ideas to use.

Small bathroom? Small bathrooms don’t mean you have to use small tiles. Actually, big tiles can give the illusion your bathroom is bigger than what it is.

Glossy or not? That’s a personal taste, but don’t use them on the floor as it’s easy to slip on them. Glossy wall ceramics illuminate your bathroom more, reflecting more light in it. No matter what tile idea you pick for your bathroom remodel, make sure to select one that’s waterproof and easy to clean so that maintenance won’t be an issue down the road. You can also get creative and mix different ceramic tiles in your floor, walls, or shower.


You can leave behind the traditional square or rectangular tile. For a trendier look, think of unusual hexagon shapes or herringbone which is getting to be a popular favorite.


You don’t always have to place tiles like a brick wall. You can think of a diagonal look and find pictures on how that might suit your bathroom and your taste.

Home ideas on how to renovate your bathroom - small bathroom


Colored tiles are here to stay. Blue is always a safe color to go with. But check different hues of blue. Royal blue, for example, will have a much stronger impact than sky or baby blue. Pinks and greens are also having their moment.

Bring in non-bathroom items

You probably have some items that don’t look very ‘bathroomy’ but actually will look nice in the bathroom. It could be a small vase or an antique clock. An antique tray where you can place guest towels is an option rather than a plain old small basket. People with big bathrooms can play around with this idea more, especially if you would like a vintage look to your bathroom. An old desk, or even a dining room buffet can work as a vanity. You’d be surprised how these items will have a unique look, and remove the clinical feeling of a bathroom. They will also give you plenty of storage space if you use an old, renovated drawer.


Oversized mirrors do wonders for a bathroom. Whether vertical or horizontal, a framed big mirror will add a nice, original touch plus give the illusion of more space. The entire point of renovation is to go out with the old and in with the new. At My Bathroom Renovations, you can find many great ideas to renovate your old bathroom to your dream bathroom.

Small and important

Bathrooms are usually underrated when people think of home design. The bathroom is often the smallest room in the house, but the one we spend lots of time in. You want your bathroom to be comfortable and make a statement at the same time. With so many new ideas around, you can certainly turn your ideas into the real deal.

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