Why is it Important to Have Health and Risk Training?

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When it comes to any business, employees are its most valuable assets. That’s why it is essential to make sure that their safety is the utmost priority. Depending on the business, health and safety risks might be quite obvious, while others require a lot more awareness.

Why is it Important to Have Health and Risk Training

In all cases, to ensure the safety of your staff, health and safety training is required for the following reasons:

Legal obligation

As an employer in Sydney, you are legally required under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011, to ensure that your staff receives the required training to do their jobs safely. Depending on the industry, confined space training in Sydney might also be required, as there are more safety hazards to be aware of. If your employees will be working in areas such as pits, ducts, tanks, tunnels or underground sewers, the confined space training will be essential to provide workers with the skills needed to manage the risks that could happen in these types of areas, preventing hazards and learning how to stay safe in case of emergencies. Other health and safety training are also available for certain industries.

Reduces Risks

Every workplace has its own set of unique risks. While some offices might seem like a danger-free zone, there is always the possibility that a worker could slip, trip, fall or be in contact with unsecured equipment leading to severe health damages. Undergoing health and safety training will open up the employees’ eyes to possible safety hazards and increase their awareness of small things they could have possibly overlooked.

Avoid financial costs of accidents

If an accident occurs during work, the workplace will be held accountable for any injuries or health hazards the employee might suffer from. Not only will the company be required to pay hospital bills and costs of treatments, but they could also be at risk of paying a fine to the employee which could be quite a hefty sum.

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That’s why it is better to always be prepared, minimizing these accidents from happening and reducing the financial costs that the business will have to endure. The business will also suffer from losing an employee for a certain amount of time until their health improves. This will require a temporary employee to be hired as a replacement, incurring further costs onto the business.

Promote a better work environment

When a business looks out for the safety of its employees, it makes the staff feel safer, giving them the opportunity to work more efficiently without worrying about their health. They know what to look out for, how to deal with safety hazards and are aware of the fact that the business is keen on making their health and security an absolute priority boosting the overall work environment.

Making sure the employees are safe will not only reduce the financial obligations you could be faced with but also ensures that the turnover of the staff is reduced. This produces a good image for the company and adds to the employee’s comfort in the workplace making them last longer.

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