Everything About Handyman Education: Degrees, Majors, Colleges

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Handymen are always in great demand. We all know what it feels like ato have a plumbing issue or a damaged appliance at home. That’s what qualified handymen are there to help us deal with the pain and inconvenience of repairing them. According to current labor market surveys, there are over 91,120 handymen currently employed in the United States. Notably, approximately 41% of them only have a high school diploma. It can be a profitable job or business as handymen typically charge around $55-$75 per hour. If they work for a company, the rate can go up to $125 per hour. No wonder many people consider becoming one.

Everything About Handyman Education

What are the education requirements if you’ve decided to become a handyman? Keep reading to find out.

Formal education

The simple truth is you don’t really need any formal education other than a high-school diploma to become a handyman. They get most of their knowledge hands-on while working under the close guidance of more qualified professionals. Instead, you can try vocational training, online programs, volunteer work, and apprenticeship opportunities to get the needed certifications and licenses. Don’t expect huge profits, which will only come with a lot of hard work and practice.


As a novice, you should not be afraid of asking for help. This is also true of any student struggling with college assignments. More often than not, they are better off using the best college essay writing service to complete them. The same applies to those planning to become handymen. One of the first things they can do is try for an apprenticeship. It is a practical and proven way for starting to learn the ropes. No time spent under the supervision of a qualified technician or mechanic will be lost. Allow space for mistakes and a lot of learning. The hours spent as an apprentice will help you find your sea legs to continue working independently with a lot of confidence and practical experience.

Vocational schools and community colleges

There is no shortage of online programs and schools offering courses in various trades ranging from plumbing to HVAC (heating, ventilating, and cooling) and electrical repairs. It is always advisable to take these before you can apply for a license. Make sure you enroll in a certified educational institution. College years are not always plain sailing. Learn more about how to become successful in college in order to make the most of your time spent on college studies.

Everything About Handyman Education - handyman

Professional certifications

Practical knowledge and experience clearly matter. But to get a higher-paid contract or order, you should try to obtain professional certifications, such as Certified Maintenance Manager (CMM), Air Conditioning Service Certification, or Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Professional.


Don’t be afraid to volunteer as a novice. Make sure you let people know that you’re just starting to learn. You might not get paid, although you’ll have lots of opportunities to hone your skills. There is always someone out there with limited or no financial means who would welcome your assistance.

Fixing It Up

Professional, qualified handymen have decent incomes. If you’re serious about becoming one, do not expect quick results or a large income from the get-go. Although you do not need formal secondary education to start working, you still need a lot of professional experience and applicable licenses or certifications to start working independently or as an employer of a large company.

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