Can You Become A Handyman Without a College Diploma?

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One might think that becoming a handyman is an easy job that anybody can do. It is partly true since one can become a handyman without a college degree or diploma. However, to be a good handyman, thorough training and certification are optional but completely essential. A handyman is a maintenance professional who is capable of performing jobs related to repair in homes, offices, and other places. Since a lot of the work that a handyman does is challenging, one has to be physically strong and active to do the job well. Many handymen work on a contract-per-job basis, so you would have to be prepared to not have a consistent job like others around you to become a handyman.

Can You Become A Handyman Without a College Diploma

Even though a college diploma isn’t necessary to be a handyman, here are some basic requirements that you need to meet.


There isn’t any specific course that a handyman needs to take in college. However, some people in the field pursue home maintenance and upkeep courses that provide them with the technical know-how while doing the job. Some of them also choose to get degrees in business to maintain the company and run it well. Apart from this, some states in the US require licensing and certification for the jobs that come under a handyman’s responsibilities.


Since that is no formal education for a handyman, most of the training in this field is done on the job. The best way to learn something technical is to train while working under more experienced maintenance professionals. If a handyman works for a maintenance agency, he will most likely get trained on the job by a superior employer. This is true for smaller maintenance businesses as well, except the structure isn’t as strict and the training takes place in an apprenticeship format.


Each state requires a different certificate or license to be a handyman. Some states do not require any, but you, as a handyman, might appear more professional to customers as well as future employers if your expertise is certified on paper. A couple of examples of handymen certification are the Association of Certified Handyman Professionals (ACHP) certification and the United Handyman Association (UHA) certification program. Certification is something that many professionals need. For instance, if you buy an essay online, you better ensure that the writers who are employed in the agency of your choice are properly educated and accredited. The same goes for translators and many other specialists, who need to be certified to perform their duties.

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In a day and age where one can get a solution for all their problems on the internet, the maintenance industry can feel unwelcoming. However, good handymen have the following skills that help them survive in the industry and do their jobs efficiently:

●    Technical skills

While some handymen take up a wide variety of jobs, others focus on specific areas of home maintenance and repair. Regardless of this, a good handyman has thorough theoretical knowledge as well as the practical skills to solve any problem that falls under their expertise.

●    Communication and Collaboration

Like with any other job, a handyman must have good communication skills in order to manage their work and collaborate with different parties like managers, partners, other maintenance professionals, and clients. This is necessary to arrive at the best possible conclusion for every project, especially when collaboration between different maintenance specialists is required.

●    Multitasking and time management

Since most handymen work for themselves and are not under a very strict company structure, multitasking and time management are the important skills they need to develop. This is because they often do not have anyone to check up on the progress of the work, and they must be able to do it on their own.

●    Business skills

Among other very important skills that a handyman should have are business skills. These skills are for those who want to get into marketing without a college degree and create service estimates for their customers. A lot of the time, there is also a need for software knowledge that can make the job easier.

●    Problem analysis

The very first step of starting a job as a handyman requires one to observe the issue and accurately provide a solution that works on a long-term basis. This is why they must have the knowledge and skills to accurately analyze the problem and see the best resolution to it.


With the above-mentioned skills, training, certification, and education, one can become a handyman and start taking up maintenance projects of any scale as long as they have the resources for it. Now that you understand that it is indeed possible to become a handyman without a college diploma, what are you waiting for? Pick up your tools and get to work!

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